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CODie ISMAN - Ship Management and Fleet Management

Marine Ship Management Software: Procurement, Planned Maintenance, ISM Management, ISPS
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CODie ISMAN maintenance planning software is designed for easy ship management. Its main objective is to make the management of a ship on board and in the shipping company's offices easier and highly effective. The goal of this fleet management software is to keep costs and time (especially docking time in ports) as low as possible. Therefore, it has a dry dock planner, a procurement and spare parts inventory system, and an ISM management module.
The software was developed by seafarers and designed by crew members for ease of use and reliability.

The vessel and fleet management software CODie ISMAN provides the following features:

Ship management: Purchasing

  • Carrying out and monitoring all mail orders
  • Automatic data exchange
  • All mail orders coming in from the vessels are automatically imported into the database of the shipping line. Members of the purchase department are able to convert all requests into mail orders directly. No paper is needed any more.
  • Status, delivery time and location of the mail order are transmitted back to the vessels

Ship management: Planned Maintenance Management

  • Automatic calculation of maintenance schedules in advance
  • Assign documents to a specific maintenance interval (manufacture instructions, pictures, etc.)
  • Monitore oil & chemical consumption goods
  • Special monitoring of critical equipment
  • Monitoring all certificates (e.g. fire extinguisher, signaling rockets, etc.)

Ship management: Data exchange

  • Via automated email, special compression allows very small files
  • Reports contain all data of the vessel (service jobs, documents etc.) and can be accessed with the company version

Ship management: Printing and exporting

  • All reports can be printed out and are accepted by the authorities
  • Exporting to Microsoft Excel or XML possible

Ship management: ISM management / ISPS

  • Automatically generates new release numbers and deploys the releases to designated ships
  • Avoiding uncontrolled releases
  • All documents are secured from manipulations
  • External data formats (such as XLS, DOC, PDF, JPG etc.) are supported
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    Fleet management
    Target groups:
    • Shipping Companies
    • Offshore Industry
    • Ship Management Agencies
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