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Software for the shipping company, shipping company, marina - current market overview

Current market overview of industry software for shipping companies, shipping and port operators. The software listed here is suitable, among others, for the shipping industry in general, for port operators (sports or marina, seaport, inland port,...) as well as for operators of cruise ships, ferries, research vessels and charter companies.

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Software for shipping company management, port order processing or sea freight processing usually includes solutions for inland shipping and coastal trading vessel for chartering, forwarding, handling, container traffic, average and technology and gas oil and lubricating oil management. Software for marinas (yacht harbors, pleasure boat harbors) usually depicts berth management, consumption records, customer and contract management as well as visual harbor berth plans and area management.

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Industry solution for all areas of inland navigation
With ISS industry solutions for all areas of inland navigation, you can optimize your operational processes and gain more time for your customers. Whether ISS FREIGHTING for optimized management of your orders & voyages without loss of time, ISS SSEHQ for particularly efficient management & monitoring of your ship fleet, ISS BORD for seamless integration of your ships into business processes or ISS SHIPPING / STORAGE for simple administration & warehouse management - we offer innovative and precisely fitting solutions along the river.
CODieBOARD# maritime-management-center
Maritime software collection. Supporting ship management, crewing, claims & new building
You can only survive in the maritime business with the highest efficiency. CODieBOARD # Maritime Suite offers a wide range of programs to help your company demonstrate excellence in ship management, crew management, quality and safety management, etc. We have been delivering custom software solutions to shipping companies and the offshore industry for 25 years. Our software provides real-time data analysis and the ability to edit and optimize operational processes to gain an edge in your maritime business.
The Marine CODieBOARD#supervision-center
Supervise open claims, damages and warranties. Lead new building & yard teams worldwide!
The ship new building and claims management software CODieBOARD# supervision-center is designed to supervise all of your yard teams around the world. Be informed about every claim in real-time and be prepared for price negotiations with detailed claim lists. The maritime software handles damages and insurances cases too and is a valuable tool to stay in track in years of processing with insurance companies. The target of this software is to keep the costs and time as low as possible while it provides compelling evidences about claims, damages and warranty cases.
CODie ISMAN - Ship Management and Fleet Management
Marine Ship Management Software: Procurement, Planned Maintenance, ISM Management, ISPS
Marine Ship Management Software: Procurement, Planned Maintenance, ISM Management, ISPS The planned maintenance software CODie ISMAN was designed for easy ship management. Its main goal is to make the administration of a vessel aboard and in the offices of the shipping company easier and highly effective. The target of this fleet management software is to keep the costs and time (especially the lay days in ports) as low as possible. Therefore, it comes with dry-dock planner, procurement and spare part stock system and ISM Management module. The software was developed by seagoing staff and have been designed by crew members for easy use and reliability.
Solution for the intranet that provides real-time information about your freight rates
Solution for the intranet that provides real-time information about your freight rates e-freight is the intranet solution for freight tariffs of forwarding companies. By integrating with the existing warehouse and merchandise management system, e-freight enables real-time freight rate management and shipment tracking.
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