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Supplier management encompasses all activities within the procurement process that serve to supply the company with materials, working materials and supplies, and services. Supplier management includes supplier identification, containment, analysis, supplier evaluation and supplier selection as well as supplier controlling.

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The supplier management software listed here is used to systematically manage a company's supplier relationships. Inquiries and invitations to tender, BANF (purchase requisition), comparison and evaluation, commissioning or rejection, contract management and complaints management can all be handled with the help of the software. As a rule, the software also includes functions for supplier assessment or evaluation and for supplier controlling.

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Health protection, occupational safety, quality, environmental management
Health protection, occupational safety, quality, environmental management The iManSys software suite is a multi-award-winning application that gives companies of all sizes and from all industries the advantage of integrating health protection, occupational safety, quality and personnel development, and environmental protection easily, safely and effectively into their everyday work.
Create your online-surveys and dashboards
Create your online-surveys and dashboards Mit SphinxCloud erstellen Sie Ihre Onlineumfrage: Sämtliche Fragetypen sind per Klick auswählbar, navigieren Sie Ihre Befragten durch Filterführungen, konditionellen Anzeigen oder Berechnungen durch den Fragebogen. Das Besondere an der Umfragelösung: Werten Sie die Onlineumfrage über das Dashboard-Tool optimal aus: Grafisch mit einer Vielzahl von Darstellungsmöglichkeiten, Kreuztabellen, Kommentaren, Bildern, heben Sie Kennwerte visuell hervor. Natürlich EU-DSGVO-konform.
iqs Quality Center - CAQ-Software
iqs CAQ Solutions – synonymous with quality.
The iqs quality center covers all quality assurance areas, from planning to analysis of key quality data. In addition it links all knowledge from the quality assurance modules in one central database, creating a control loop in which feedback is actively used. The quality center effectively becomes a large pool of knowledge. As a standalone solution each modul is a specialist in its own field. Linked as a complete CAQ system, iqs software offers you the best possible functionality. The iqs modules at a glance: iqs FMEA – Failure Mode Effect Analysis ...
Supply-Monitor™ - Software solution for supplier management
Purchasing information system: supplier management, supplier portal, document management
Purchasing information system: supplier management, supplier portal, document management The Supply Monitor supports the entire supplier management: from the initial registration and pre-qualification of potential suppliers, the requalification of existing suppliers via the supplier portal, risk management to classification and supplier development, supplemented by supplier evaluation and spend analysis. The document and contract management makes the Supply Monitor the information centre of the purchasing department. Freely configurable, web-based data entry forms integrate workflows such as complaints management.
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