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Contract management or contract administration includes all tasks within the scope of contractual relationships, i.e., the development, modification, updating, or processing of all contracts (e.g., service, maintenance, lease, purchase, support, or cooperation agreements) of a company. In this SoftGuide section, you will find an overview of programs and systems related to contract management. The contract management software listed in this section generally covers all sub-areas of contract management. These include contract controlling, contract administration and contract archiving. Contract management software usually includes version and template management, usually offers standardized interfaces to systems such as SAP and enables automatic monitoring of contract deadlines, terminations or extensions. Contract management is part of document management.

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ContractHero - Vertragsmanagement
Verträge digitalisieren und verwalten
Verträge digitalisieren und verwalten ContractHero ist eine führende digitale Vertragsmanagement-Lösung für Geschäftskunden. Die Software-as-a-Service hilft kleineren und mittelständischen Unternehmen (KMU) sowie Startups bei der Digitalisierung und Automatisierung manueller Prozesse im Finanz- und Rechtsbereich. ContractHero macht das Vertragsmanagement endlich ganz einfach und bringt den Entscheidern die Kontrolle zurück.
Digital Invoice Processing & Asset Management
Digital Invoice Processing & Asset Management With the Djinvoice software system, not only digital invoices can be managed better, but also contracts. Here, the companies and their specialist departments benefit above all from the clear structure of the master data maintenance as well as the time and personnel savings in the entire process.
otris contract
Secure, efficient contract management & contract administration for all industries
Secure, efficient contract management & contract administration for all industries The contract management software otris contract supports the complete "life cycle" of a contract: from contract entry, contract creation and monitoring, to contract controlling. With otris contract, you have even complex approval workflows with version / template management securely under control. otris contract is a browser-based system for the central administration and processing of contracts ...
Contract Alert - web based contract management software
Web based contract management software with email reminders and user access restrictions
Industry-independent software, with fully integrated Data Import, Data Encryption and Deadline Monitoring. Contract Alert isa software for centralizing contracts and minimizing risks. A fact-based contract management tool that allows: Contract period monitoring, Centralized storage of contracts and key data, with access according to user profile, Contract templates, Use of financial data for projections, for e.g. budgeting, Export of contract items to an external memory for e.g. word processing or Due Diligence ...
Contract management from roXtra for digital contract management
Contract management from roXtra for digital contract management Manage and archive your contract documents in a compliance-compliant manner in roXtra and always keep track of your contracts, all costs incurred, notice periods and terms.
Projektron BCS - Web-based project management software
Projektron BCS – The web-based software for managing your projects
Projektron BCS – The web-based software for managing your projects Projektron BCS is a web-based project management software, especially useful for simultaneously coordinating a multitude of projects. Working without local installation Projektron BCS works for all project participants independent of their operating system. A sophisticated authorization system is integrated into the software; this provides managers and employees access to their appropriate data, personal reminders, notes, and schedules. Projektron BCS is platform independent, scalable, easy to integrate in any existing system environment, and expandable ...
:becosoft-Immo - Professional Real Estate Management
Rent contract administration and real estate management for retailers
Rent contract administration and real estate management for retailers Your specialist for professional real estate management :becosoft-Immo is one of the few software programs that has specialized on taking the side of a retailer. :becosoft-Immo was specifically developed to profesionally administer and operate your rented spaces. You receive a constant overview of all your important dates and deadlines (e.g. termination- or extension options) while you reliably uncover possible savings through extensive reporting- and comparison capabilities. . With :becosoft-Immo you safe time and effort for administrative tasks and gain additional cost transparency and reliability ...
Inventory, asset and lifecycle management, licence and contract management and much more.
Inventory, asset and lifecycle management, licence and contract management and much more. Management and documentation of all hardware and software assets over their entire life cycle. Linked to contracts, costs, allocation to locations, departments and cost centres, it is the basis for IT operations, planning, controlling and purchasing. Enables the inventory of virtual environments such as vCenter and Hyper-V and allows the hardware and software of the data centre to be managed. Since 2019, Asset.Desk also provides an overview of cloud usage and costs. One of the few SAM tools certified by KPMG since 2015. Allows mobile support of the processes of acquisition, goods receipt, inventory, IT operations and disposal. Interfaces based on REST services allow integration into any corporate environment, e.g. with ERP and helpdesk or similar systems. Asset.Desk makes inventory possible with barcode or RFID.
audius:Finance for financial service providers
audius:Finance - Industry solution for financial service providers
audius:Finance - Industry solution for financial service providers The industry solution audius:Finance combines the general advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the specific requirements of different groups of financial service providers: It offers business processes for asset management, development and sales of investment products, real estate development and brokerage as well as for insurance brokers. Financial service providers receive a software solution that is precisely tailored to their business model.
ShakeSpeare Contract Management
ShakeSpeare Contract Management ShakeSpeare S-Contract is used for centralized and audit-proof storage of contracts. The software is straightforward in design and easy to use, without unnecessary additional features. Users are reliably reminded when deadlines expire. An authorization concept allows multiple locations, departments or companies to share the system. Without contracts of the other party being visible. The standard software can be used immediately.
co_suite - Qualitäts-/ Risikomanagement, CAPA, Beschwerde, Dokumente, Ideen
Transparency for your commercial situation
Transparency for your commercial situation Debit and credit in the accounts are results of the big bunch of the business's contracts with customers, suppliers, employees ... Capturing this information in a systematic structure or digitally running sign off procedures within the software accelerates your business processes and makes them transparent.
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