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:becosoft-Immo - Professional Real Estate Management

Rent contract administration and real estate management for retailers

Version:  4.5

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Your specialist for professional real estate management

:becosoft-Immo is one of the few software programs that has specialized on taking the side of a retailer.

:becosoft-Immo was specifically developed to profesionally administer and operate your rented spaces. You receive a constant overview of all your important dates and deadlines (e.g. termination- or extension options) while you reliably uncover possible savings through extensive reporting- and comparison capabilities. 

With :becosoft-Immo you safe time and effort for administrative tasks and gain additional cost transparency and reliability. 

The detailed managament of all rent contract relevant agreements is part of the standard service of :becosoft-Immo.
 :becosoft-Immo is also offering the ability to manage and export data (SAP RE/FX, webs services, CSV etc.) that is needed for IFRS16 balacing and sends it to accounting. 

The software is built modularly and has multi-client and multi-user capabilities. Besides a german and english user interface you can also govern different currencies and tax rates. :becosoft-Immo has a large offering of modules with which you reach a high level of efficiency in your real estate management.

In the following you see all the modules and interfaces:

:becosoft-Immo Basis: 

  • Rent contract- and branch management
  • Correspondence management
  • Activity- and deadline management
  • Reporting

:becosoft-Immo Additional modules: 

  • Offerings management
  • Operational cost management
  • Document management
  • Energy management
  • Inventory management
  • Cost contract management
  • Store Construction
  • Lease planning
  • Incident-  and order management

:becosoft-Immo Interfaces: 

  • E-mail interface
  • IFRS16 interface (diverse)
  • Accounting interface

With :becosoft-Immo you have the ability to capture all of your rent contract data in a detailled yet user-friendly package.

You can expect a reliable overview of deadlines, dates, operational costs and even the processing of incidents and defects. :becosoft-Immo also supports you in dealing with disruptive factors that stress internal processes.

:becosoft-Immo levels the playing field between commercial lessors and lessees. You increase the efficiency of your rented spaces while sustainably reducing costs.

Address management
Order management
Notification system
Operating cost accounting
Image and document management
Budget planning
E-mail functions
Energy management
Export functions
Space management
Foreign currencies
Facility management
Real estate management
Import functions
Inventory lists
Calendar and appointment management
Cost types, cost centers and cost objects
Cost overviews
cost tracking
Multi-client capability
Client management
Multi-user capability
Multiple locations, branches, sales areas
Rent management
Forecasting and planning
Status monitoring
Fault management
Deadline and time limit monitoring
Sales lists
Sales statistics
Contract content entry
Contract management
Template management
Maintenance contracts
Target groups:

:becosoft-Immo is primarily aimed at commercial tenants and retailes regardless of industry and size. 

on request
on request
Contact information::
Herr Uwe Becker
06147/ 204 - 0