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We offer you a comprehensive listing of software and solutions from the field of real estate management. The real estate management software listed here supports companies in the real estate industry in holistic management during the entire life cycle of a property. In doing so, the software supports the management, leasing and marketing of a property or properties. The comprehensive real estate management includes project development and management as well as the so-called facility management for the the building.

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Software for real estate management usually includes both space management, lease management and rent increase procedures, supports the creation of rent forecasts, of planned costs and planned rents and offers different modules for energy billing, administrator billing and budget management.

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:becosoft-Immo - Professional Real Estate Management
Rent contract administration and real estate management for retailers
Rent contract administration and real estate management for retailers Your specialist for professional real estate management :becosoft-Immo is one of the few software programs that has specialized on taking the side of a retailer. :becosoft-Immo was specifically developed to profesionally administer and operate your rented spaces. You receive a constant overview of all your important dates and deadlines (e.g. termination- or extension options) while you reliably uncover possible savings through extensive reporting- and comparison capabilities. . With :becosoft-Immo you safe time and effort for administrative tasks and gain additional cost transparency and reliability ...
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