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Software for the settlement of heating costs and ancillary costs - current market overview

Current overview of software, systems and solutions on the subject of heating cost billing and service charge billing. The listed billing software supports landlords or service providers such as property managers in the preparation of an operating cost statement of rented properties for the property owner or for the tenants. The operating cost settlement includes the costs incurred by hot water and delivered heating oil or gas on the basis of the legally regulated heating cost regulation.

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The software for the billing of heating costs and ancillary costs usually includes the management of customer master data and object master data (e.g. elevators, heat cost allocators, heat meters, hot and cold water meters). The solutions support the recording of meter readings, deliveries, advances, charges, ancillary and direct costs, and billing by area or consumption. The software allows pro-rata cost calculation or allocation on a flat-rate or formula basis and creates a variety of billing documents. In most cases, the software also offers the possibility for automated reading of meter reading data from electronic recording devices.

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