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In this SoftGuide section you will find an overview of programs, systems and solutions on the topic of building services engineering. Building services engineering is also a synonym for building technology, supply engineering or technical building equipment. Among other things, it supports the subject area CAFM. Software for building services engineering is required, among other things, for determining consumption as well as for calculating the energy-related design and evaluation of buildings, heating technology, cooling and ventilation, lighting and the supply of hot and cold water.

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SpriCAD + WinSprink: Hydraulic calculation of sprinkler systems
Design and hydraulic calculation of sprinkler systems
For planning offices of building services there are the WinSprink and SpriCAD for the calculation of sprinkler systems and water spray extinguishing systems. The basis is a calculation kernel, which can be used to hydraulically calculate not only tree-like but also all kinds of meshed piping systems. The user is supported in entering the data. The definition of the effective area is independent of the actual pipe network geometry and can be changed afterwards as desired.
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