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Real estate management companies use professional software to generate utility bills and manage their leases.

In 2001, we had a conversation with a real estate management professional in which he stated the following two theses:

  • "Property management software is a dime a dozen, but its orientation is always from the landlord's point of view"
  • "Commercial and branch tenants with numerous rental properties usually manage their leases "by hand", with the help of Excel spreadsheets or with self-developed "small solutions".

We then conducted extensive market research with more than 100 of the largest chain stores, which underscored both theses. The results showed us that there is indeed "no equality of arms" between landlord and tenant.

To close this gap in the market, we have developed the real estate management software :becosoft-Immo with professional expert support, which is specially tailored to the needs of commercial tenants and chain stores. For example, we offer the possibility to check service charge statements, to make costs transparent and to identify savings potentials, but also the monitoring of rent reductions or special termination rights will rarely be found in "landlord-oriented" products.

becosoft-Immo has been in productive use on the market since 2003 and is constantly being adapted and further developed to meet the latest requirements of commercial and branch tenants.

We ensure equality of arms between commercial landlords and tenants


More than 30 nationally and internationally operating companies like Obi, Douglas or Bertelsmann trust us and our software. Become part of our customer base and take advantage of the benefits. 

Mehr als 30 national und international agierende Filialisten wie zum Beispiel Obi, Douglas oder die Bertelsmann AG vertrauen bereits auf uns und unsere Software. Werden auch Sie ein Teil unseres Kundenstamms und profitieren Sie von den Vorteilen.

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