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Archiving software manages, preserves, indexes digital documents and subsequently makes this information available. Paper-based documents (contracts, incoming invoices, etc.) can also be managed as part of the office organization after digitization (scanning). As a rule, the listed software offers format and source-independent storage and enables thematic sorting and full text search in the documents.

Depending on the requirements, the archiving software offers the possibility to manage different storage locations and to create segregation lists. Mostly the software includes a user rights system and offers various interfaces to mail clients or the different database requirements (SQL, Access, Excel, etc.). In addition to software for archiving, you will find solutions for the promotional products trade, knowledge management systems, invoice entry, contract management, as well as solutions for media and image databases.

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aktefix® digital
File, document and workflow management for SMEs
File, document and workflow management for SMEs aktefix® digital archives and organizes files, emails, workflows and documents of all common file formats as a cloud solution or on premises. Documents are found in seconds via full text search and intelligent filter functions. It can be used across all industries, is browser-based and can be operated intuitively to a large extent. Numerous additional functions make aktefix® the ideal all-in-one solution for the digital office organization of small and medium-sized companies.
Software for archiving and managing labels
Software for archiving and managing labels LABEL ARCHIVE helps you track labels from initial approval to final distribution. The software makes security, tracking and control easy for the label design and printing process! Labels are stored in a central database. Filter your templates by metadata such as label size, barcode type, database connection, etc.
Read Bar Codes from Image Files - Organize your documents with batch processing
Read Bar Codes from Image Files - Organize your documents with batch processing With QS-DocumentAssembler QS QualitySoft GmbH offers a powerful, flexibly configurable bar code recognition software for sorting and indexing of scanned documents or Adobe PDF Files. QS-DocumentAssembler recognizes barcodes from scanned documents and processes the documents automatically according to the barcode data. Documents are read from a source directory, document barcodes are interpreted, and the documents are saved in a target directory using the bar code as file name. The entire process is performed automatically without any user interaction required ...
Create transparency across all contracts and contract content, with SAP integration
Create transparency across all contracts and contract content, with SAP integration With ConTracker you can manage your contracts easily and quickly. Thanks to the intuitive user interface and the many useful functions, ConTracker is the perfect solution for your contract management.
Enterprise content management solution
Enterprise content management solution The ELO ECM Suite is designed to be system-independent and extremely scalable. It offers a wide range of modules and interfaces, is EU GDPR-compliant and includes audit-proof and legally compliant archiving of documents in your company. The system directly monitors input and includes automatic error correction. It suggests related terms when entering search terms and displays synonyms.
On the way to the perfect business communication solution.
With docxworldES, the software for your output management, you can cover all document-related tasks in your company. The comprehensive range of services includes functions for data conversion, process control, logistics, form design, archiving, printing and dispatch. In addition, docxworldES enables postage optimization. The modern overall solution is available on the market as a license service and can be integrated into your existing IT landscape via numerous standard interfaces.
Business Communication Solution
docxworld24 CloudService takes care of the complete print output in your company. From the creation of documents to their electronic or postal dispatch and archive preparation, the software supports you with professional control of all processes. The cloud solution meets one of the highest data security standards with PCI DSS. You can select the features that are relevant and suitable for you from the catalog of options. Postage optimization and white paper production allow you to significantly reduce your printing and mailing costs.
Bring structure to your documents and data
Bring structure to your documents and data The EASY document system facilitates the digital archiving of all data and documents. This turns all company information and archived documents into an optimal business resource that you can work with at any time and from any location.
TeimData knowledge base & error database "Simply one Tool"
TeimData knowledge base & error database Simply one Tool With TeimData, the functionality follows your proven or defined processes, regardless of the industry. The continuous screening of errors and processes is one of the most important aspects for a successful company and its sustainability. Based on this information, processes, products and the organisation can be made sustainable and successful. TeimData supports the constant transfer of knowledge through standardised processes. Efficiency, like the success of a company, no longer depends on innovative strength alone ...
N5-Solutions - Documents
Web-based solution for document management
Web-based solution for document management Die N5-DoQM Solution ist eine ideale Ergänzung im Baukasten der N5-Solutions. Sie können damit Dokumente nach den Anforderungen moderner Managementsysteme webbasiert verwalten. Dokumente führen Sie in Ihrer prozessorientierten Management-System-Dokumentation als mitgeltende Unterlagen. Im Zusammenspiel mit der N5-Process Solution steuern Sie mit der N5-DoQM Solution die Erstellung, Prüfung und Freigabe dieser Dokumente. Eine automatisierte Archivierung von Versionsständen sowie umfangreiche Analysefunktionen gehören ebenfalls zum Standardumfang der N5-DoQM Solution ...
ContractHero - Vertragsmanagement
Verträge digitalisieren und verwalten
Verträge digitalisieren und verwalten ContractHero ist eine führende digitale Vertragsmanagement-Lösung für Geschäftskunden. Die Software-as-a-Service hilft kleineren und mittelständischen Unternehmen (KMU) sowie Startups bei der Digitalisierung und Automatisierung manueller Prozesse im Finanz- und Rechtsbereich. ContractHero macht das Vertragsmanagement endlich ganz einfach und bringt den Entscheidern die Kontrolle zurück.
OfficeWare DOKU
Document / Customer Management - with fully integrated e-mail management !
Document / Customer Management - with fully integrated e-mail management ! OfficeWare DOKU with artificial intelligence supports automatic archiving as well as associative search. As a rule, what belongs together (documents, data, notes) is always found. Project data and project documents are automatically - but if required this can also be done manually - linked several times in different virtual rooms.
otris corporate
Investment management for more transparency in the group
Investment management for more transparency in the group otris corporate, the basis for strategic investment management, gives you quick and easy access to all your investment structures and corporate data. Documents and data important to the company are combined in one information platform - all processes and deadlines can thus be controlled centrally. All documents and contracts are meaningfully linked and archived in an audit-proof manner. The group-wide composition of all committees is coordinated centrally and each mandate is archived historically.
GUS-OS Suite
ERP software for pharmaceuticals, medical technology, chemicals, cosmetics, food, logistic
ERP software for pharmaceuticals, medical technology, chemicals, cosmetics, food, logistic The GUS-OS Suite ERP business solution allows you to create, view and archive any documents from the various application areas. The web-based software includes end-to-end documentation of all business processes to ensure compliance with ISO specifications and IEC 14971 (risk management). GDPdU-compliant storage is also possible. A wide range of search and filter functions are available.
otris contract
Secure, efficient contract management & contract administration for all industries
Secure, efficient contract management & contract administration for all industries The contract management software otris contract supports the complete "life cycle" of a contract: from contract entry, contract creation and monitoring, to contract controlling. With otris contract, you have even complex approval workflows with version / template management securely under control. otris contract is a browser-based system for the central administration and processing of contracts ...
Contract Alert - web based contract management software
Web based contract management software with email reminders and user access restrictions
Industry-independent software, with fully integrated Data Import, Data Encryption and Deadline Monitoring. Contract Alert isa software for centralizing contracts and minimizing risks. A fact-based contract management tool that allows: Contract period monitoring, Centralized storage of contracts and key data, with access according to user profile, Contract templates, Use of financial data for projections, for e.g. budgeting, Export of contract items to an external memory for e.g. word processing or Due Diligence ...
Doxis Intelligent Content Automation
A new era of content understanding
A new era of content understanding The AI-powered platform Doxis Intelligent Content Automation is the next level of enterprise content management: It bridges and automates content across your ecosystem to create a 360° view of business.
Versatile editing system - not only for technical documentation
Versatile editing system - not only for technical documentation As an MS Word-based system, the docuglobe editing system can be used in a variety of ways in the company for documentation and archiving. By using docuglobe, you benefit from a number of advantages over other solutions for structured work both in the creation of "technical documentation", in all other documentation processes in the company and especially in archiving. docuglobe is quick to learn and presents itself as an uncomplicated but highly professional tool for your work.
Instandhaltungssoftware CMMS
technische Dokumentation und Instandhaltung
CMMS ist eine internet-gestützte Software zur technischen Dokumentation und Instandhaltung von komplexen Anlagen im Bereich Luft- und Raumfahrt und Anlagenbau. Sie ist einsetzbar für die Wartungsplanung und das Wartungsmanagement. Sie können damit periodische Wartungsvorgänge planen und durchführen. Das Programm enthält Optionen für Reparaturen und Modifikationen und die Erstellung von Prozeduren mit Freigabeworkflow. Bestellvorschlägen können anhand der geplanten Wartungsvorgänge generiert werden. Darüber hinaus beinhaltet sie ein Bestell- und Auftragsmanagement ...
2D Barcode Data Matrix, PDF417, QR Code and Aztec Recognition
Data Matrix, PDF417, QR Code and Aztec 2D barcode recognition from files or images
Data Matrix, PDF417, QR Code and Aztec 2D barcode recognition from files or images QS-Barcode SDK (Software Development Kit) Recognition is a powerful software for fast, automatic recognition of two-dimensional (2D) barcodes of Data Matrix, PDF417, QR Code and Aztec type from digitized images generated by scanners, by fax and by camera systems, or from Adobe PDF documents. Barcodes are much faster and error-free to locate and recognize than writing (OCR). No special barcode scanners are required for barcode recognition. The QS-Barcode SDK recognition software interprets the image and searches for barcodes and returns the barcode contents ...
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