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Read Bar Codes from Image Files - Organize your documents with batch processing

Version:  4.0

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With QS-DocumentAssembler QS QualitySoft GmbH offers a powerful, flexibly configurable bar code recognition software for sorting and indexing of scanned documents or Adobe PDF Files.

QS-DocumentAssembler recognizes barcodes from scanned documents and processes the documents automatically according to the barcode data. Documents are read from a source directory, document barcodes are interpreted, and the documents are saved in a target directory using the bar code as file name. The entire process is performed automatically without any user interaction required. QS-DocumentAssembler can merge or split multi page files (multi tif or Adobe PDF documents).The barcode data are written to result files or index files. QS-DocumentAssembler writes information about all steps performed into log files, which can be later processed using your applications.

The application is easily configured using the graphic interface.
You can order QS-DocumentAssembler directly from QS QualitySoft GmbH. Please find the price list with purchase order fax and product information on our website

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1D barcodes
2D barcode scaling
2D barcodes
4-state barcodes
Article barcodes
Barcode functions
Barcode scaling
Barcode support
Barcode recognition
Process barcodes
Save barcodes
Barcodes series
Composite barcodes
Target groups:

Everyone who wants to organize documents using bar codes

from 1071.00 EUR (900.00 EUR plus 19% VAT)
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