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2D Barcode Data Matrix, PDF417, QR Code and Aztec Recognition

Data Matrix, PDF417, QR Code and Aztec 2D barcode recognition from files or images

Version:  5.0

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QS-Barcode SDK (Software Development Kit) Recognition is a powerful software for fast, automatic recognition of two-dimensional (2D) barcodes of Data Matrix, PDF417, QR Code and Aztec type from digitized images generated by scanners, by fax and by camera systems, or from Adobe PDF documents. Barcodes are much faster and error-free to locate and recognize than writing (OCR).
No special barcode scanners are required for barcode recognition. The QS-Barcode SDK recognition software interprets the image and searches for barcodes and returns the barcode contents. Numerous image file formats are supported, as well as Adobe PDF file reading.

The software can be used to quickly and cost-effectively integrate recognition of the innovative DataMatrix barcodes into your own programs.

You can also use our barcode recognition without any programming knowledge, the software QS-DocumentAssembler from our product range is then the right one for you: QS-DocumentAssembler is a flexible software for sorting, indexing, registering and assigning documents based on barcodes. QS-DocumentAssembler recognizes conventional as well as 2-dimensional barcodes on documents and processes the documents based on the barcode data. User-friendly dialogs, online help and detailed documentation make configuration easy.

The Data Matrix is displayed and printed in different sizes depending on the number of encoded characters. Data Matrix barcodes are very secure and robust due to extensive internal error correction. QS-Barcode supports not only the currently recommended ECC200 method for error correction, but also the older methods ECC000, ECC050, ECC080, ECC100 and ECC140. The maximum data content is 2,335 alphanumeric characters or 3,116 digits or 1,556 bytes.

Data Matrix Codes are increasingly replacing conventional barcodes because they take up very little space and are inconspicuous. For example, you can find Data Matrix codes on Datev salary notices (in the address window) as well as on Commerzbank account statements (between the punched holes on the left margin). You will also find the matrix code more and more frequently on letters and postal items as a stamp of the Deutsche Post. DP franking and premium address are the keywords for this application.

The developer kit QS-Barcode SDK for DataMatrix barcodes runs under Windows systems. It includes the components 32-bit C-Library, DLL and ActiveX (OCX) as well as documentation and code samples for Visual Basic, Java, MS Access, Delphi, C, C++, C# .NET. Many other environments are also supported. The integration of the function into different development environments is very easy and can be realized with little effort.

The QS-Barcode SDK is available as well as the QS-DocumentAssembler as a free evaluation version for download at

On the website of QualitySoft there are also free test programs for barcode reading from images available with bcTester and bcWebCam. As developers of the software, we will be happy to advise you competently.

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Developers who want to integrate functions for reading modern Data Matrix barcodes into their applications and products.

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