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Intelligent solution for the digitalization of operating processes.


Intelligent solution for the digitalization of operating processes.
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Transparent production processes sustainably increase a company's profit and strengthen its resilience in challenging times.

How productive is your manufacturing? Today, an ERP system is part of the standard software and supports you in materials management. But does an ERP tell you about productivity, plant and machine availability or personnel expenses?

With SMARTR.factory you integrate all data of the store floor and create the necessary transparency for a continuous improvement process.

From employee time recording on the production line to the integration of existing plants and machines, all data is recorded and visualized in real time.

Industry 4.0-capable machines and IoT components can be independently integrated into the system without programming by the user.

Performance and quality indicators as well as downtimes and setup times are thus automatically transferred and provide the basis for calculating and visualizing the OEE of individual machines, production lines, departments and entire plants.

Instant data collection leads you to top-class real-time production monitoring: don't waste time troubleshooting and be notified directly via control station functionality or push notification to smartphone if a critical condition occurs or a threshold is under/exceeded.

End-to-end reporting functionalities, together with the digital store floor board, extend the basis of the SMARTR.factory MES platform, on which individual automation processes can also be implemented.

The open architecture of SMARTR.factory enables flexible linking to existing systems such as ERP, BI tools or time recording.

You determine the degree of use of the software: whether as a simple platform for the acquisition and monitoring of sensor technology, complete operational and machine data acquisition as a tool for controlling and lean production, production planning or maintenance.

SMARTR.factory can be used across all industries and is available as a cloud or on-premise solution in all national languages and for all end devices.

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Target groups:

Industrial production companies in all sectors

Contact information:
Herr Dominik Rothert
Herr Dominik Rothert
+49 (0)2464 584868-0
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Functions (excerpt) of SMARTR.factory:

Equipment productivity
Plant productivity (OEE/TEEP)
Application management
order-related personnel time recording
Scrap analyses
Barcode, RFID
data aquisition
Processing times
User management
Report management
big data
Big Data Analytics
Data Mapping
data and text mining
Data extraction
Data operations
Data storage
Data synchronization
Data transfer
Data verification
Data transfer
Data visualization
Event logs
Recording reasons
Escalation management
Production order management
Production control station
Device management
Graphical visualizations
Integration of the control level
Correlation analyses
Performance metrics
Performance monitoring
Control station
Machine performance comparison
Machine Condition Survey
machine inspections
Machine control
Multi-user capability
Quantity recording
Measurement data
monitoring functions
Network functions
OEE Dashboard
Break detection
Performance Management
Predictive analytics
Product data
Production status
Protocols MQTT and HTTP
Process data tracking
Process interface
Inspection data acquisition
Quality assurance
Role Management
Rights management
RFID tags
Set-up time evaluations
Shift histories and production reports
Shift change
Target setup detection
Master data management
Standard entry documents
Status monitoring
Downtime Pareto analysis
Downtime detection
Malfunction log
Changeover time
Visualization of loss causes
Plant overview
Tool management
WLAN connection
Workflow management
Time recording
Target definition
Target management

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Technical specifications:

SaaS, Cloud:
On-premises (local installation):
Multi-user (network-compatible):
Multi-client compatible:
Manufacturer based in:
Dialogue language(s):
English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese
System requirements:
Compatible operating systems (runs with):
Win 11
Win 10
Win 8
Win 7
Win Server
Mainframe based
Unix based
Linux based
Mac OS
Mobile OSs (supports):