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Collaboration software supports employees and teams in managing tasks and projects. Collaboration tools provide a centralized and controlled general flow of information and data. The tools help with the efficient distribution of tasks and offer features for the functioning exchange of messages and data. Collaboration software represents a wide range of functionalities, and special tools can also be used for particular functions. As a rule, collaboration tools are offered as a cloud solution.

Collaboration (Collaboration or Social Collaboration) means nothing other than the cooperation of employees in projects and teams by means of the Internet or intranet. Unified communications collaboration (UCC) refers to the consolidation of all communication services and their integration with presence functions (e.g., instant messenger), which improve the accessibility of employees and accelerate business processes. Collaboration software usually includes features for real-time communication, calendar functions and for providing data for joint processing (file sharing).

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target Idea Management for use with SAP
Idea management software, SAP certified, standard solution
Idea management software, SAP certified, standard solution Unique worldwide: Software for idea and innovation management with SAP technology Use the creative potential in your team with target software for efficient idea and innovation management. Thanks to the direct use of SAP data and technology, our software offers the best solution for SAP systems worldwide.
Digitize your Company
Digitize your Company teamspace is an enterprise software with which modern teams work together efficiently and successfully. Network your team in the cloud and manage your business processes with practicality and foresight. From the sales process to project planning and billing to the management of customer data.
PLANTA pulse
Agile Project Management and Transparency in Team Work
Agile Project Management and Transparency in Team Work Improvement of communication in the team, everyone in the team has an overview of the status of tasks and upcoming changes, communication directly in Kanban boards without e-mail flood, notification function and convenient time recording also mobile via smartphone.
the secure and compliant platform for communication and collaboration
Open source for productive collaboration and communication
for modern content collaboration with real-time document editing
Your file platform for digital sovereignty
the powerful platform for real-time communication
Microsoft Teams
Modern workplace for perfect teamwork
die leistungsstarke Kommunikationssoftware
Microsoft OneDrive
Collaborate in an organized, secure and seamless way
Everything teams need in one place
The flexible and free open source software for video conferencing
The reliable solution for video meetings
Flexible, secure, central - the powerful platform for project work
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Software Tips

What is Collaboration?

Collaboration means working together. It refers to cooperation between individuals or teams or organizations in order to achieve a common goal. The common ground and togetherness are to be promoted and strengthened through collaboration. The cooperation within and between organizations, groups, teams and employees should be based on mutual trust and appreciation as well as support. For joint work, sharing information and access to current data is just as important as exchanging ideas about the tasks at hand. Fruitful collaboration fuels the creativity of the individual. Successful collaboration therefore requires both technical prerequisites and a corresponding attitude or the will to work well together.

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) describes the combination of communication and collaboration technologies. In practice, this means nothing other than that a software platform is available for UCC that combines all communication channels in a single user interface.

Collaboration Software

What is collaboration software?

The collaboration software provides the technical requirements for collaboration. The software is used for efficient communication and coordination. The tools provide for various communication options such as instant messenger, message board, video chat, etc. and for ideal task distribution with to-do lists and, above all, for file sharing and the fundamentally required single source of trust. As a rule, the collaboration tools are cloud-based.

Advantages of collaboration software

Collaboration independent of time and place

The most important advantage of collaboration tools is the possibility to work independent of location and time. In times of home offices and distributed working groups and teams, it is enormously important to have tools that enable virtual exchange. Team members can call up to-do lists, track the progress of tasks or leave comments, for example.

Productivity improvement

Collaboration tools enable the improvement of the information flow and consequently the knowledge transfer. The advantage of using collaboration tools is that everything is in the context of the respective topics.

Access to information

File sharing and real-time access to information is another major advantage of collaboration tools. Revised documents do not have to be laboriously sent by team members via e-mail, but can be stored centrally and accessed by others. All members with access are always up to date. At the same time, centrally stored documents improve the team's shared knowledge base and are easier to find.

Typical functions of a collaboration software

Tips and question suggestions

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