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Software for idea management - current market overview

Ideas management involves promoting and utilizing the creativity and inventiveness of employees. The aim of idea management is to mobilize performance reserves in the company, promote innovation and save costs by collecting and selecting suitable suggestions for improvement or new ideas. Ideas management is thus often part of project management.

In this SoftGuide section, you will find an overview of idea management software and solutions. The idea management software listed in this section helps to implement the management for the company suggestion scheme. In most of the idea management solutions presented here, the BVW is combined with methods of the CIP (continuous improvement process) in the application. Often, idea management also includes functions for mapping automated processes, such as in workflow software. The software supports the systematic recording and management of ideas as well as their evaluation and review. Mostly, idea management software offers different model solutions (e.g. central model, supervisor model, hybrid model) with progress controls and reminder functions with escalation levels.

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Projektron BCS - Web-based project management software
Projektron BCS – The web-based software for managing your projects
Projektron BCS – The web-based software for managing your projects
Projektron BCS is a web-based project management software, especially useful for simultaneously coordinating a multitude of projects. Working without local installation Projektron BCS works for all project participants independent of their operating system. A sophisticated authorization system is integrated into the software; this provides managers and employees access to their appropriate data, personal reminders, notes, and schedules. Projektron BCS is platform independent, scalable, easy to integrate in any existing system environment, and expandable ...
Create your online-surveys and dashboards
Create your online-surveys and dashboards
Mit SphinxCloud erstellen Sie Ihre Onlineumfrage: Sämtliche Fragetypen sind per Klick auswählbar, navigieren Sie Ihre Befragten durch Filterführungen, konditionellen Anzeigen oder Berechnungen durch den Fragebogen. Das Besondere an der Umfragelösung: Werten Sie die Onlineumfrage über das Dashboard-Tool optimal aus: Grafisch mit einer Vielzahl von Darstellungsmöglichkeiten, Kreuztabellen, Kommentaren, Bildern, heben Sie Kennwerte visuell hervor. Natürlich EU-DSGVO-konform.
Creativity and common sense
Provide your employees a platform to hand in heir ideas for improvement, new products, enhanced business processes to improve their motivation, binding to the organisation and to benefit from their creativity.
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