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Using a remote desktop connection, you can connect to a remote PC and run programs or access files on the remote PC from another location. This process is also known as remote maintenance. There are numerous possible applications for the use of remote desktop connection software or remote maintenance software. The basic principle of a remote desktop connection is always the same - the desktop of a remote computer is brought to the local computer. Remotely, network administrators, among others, can then make e.g. necessary changes to the remotely controlled computer.

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With Remote Update, you can update the contents of a CRYPTO-BOX at the customer's premises
With the Remote Update RUMS, you can program CRYPTO-BOX dongles directly at the end customer's premises. Data objects with license information can be easily updated or changed and new license data can be easily added remotely.
Connectivity for mainframe solutions (IBM iSeries, IBM zSeries, Siemens BS2000/OSD)
LOG-WEB is a software solution for host communication with web technology that can be used on IBM iSeries, IBM zSeries and FTS BS2000/OSD systems. LOG-WEB enables secure, web-based remote maintenance and remote desktop connection.
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