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Software for the documentation and administration of fiber, FTTH and copper networks

cableScout software for the management of optical fiber networks

Software for the documentation and administration of fiber, FTTH and copper networks

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JO Software Engineering GmbH ranks among the leading providers of software solutions for the administration and planning of complex IT and signalling networks. The company has been operating in the network sector for more than 25 years, and since 1995 the focus has been on the development and sale of our successful cableScout cable management software.

cableScout is a cable management system developed especially for the documentation and planning of Wide Area, Metropolitan Area, Access, and Local Area Networks. It allows the comprehensive data collection and transparent representation of complex optical fiber, copper, broadband and FTTX / FTTH structures. Within this framework, the software supports any type of transmission technique which can be administered at the logical, physical or virtual layer.

Thanks to its modular design, cableScout can be equipped with a variety of functional modules and tailored to the specific size and requirements of any given company. The open database structure also enables easy integration into an existing environment. For instance, cableScoutcan be interfaced with the major GIS, cable monitoring and patch management systems and create a platform for the corresponding exchange of data.

The big difference compared with conventional systems is that cableScout has its own powerful graphics and does not need to rely on external CAD or drawing programs. This independence offers the user decisive advantages in terms of functional variety, ease of operation, transparency and speed. Even very extensive and complex networks will always retain a clear layout and tasks can be processed quickly and conveniently.

In the German-speaking region alone, our more than 250 customers comprise companies of various sizes and from quite different sectors, for instance telecommunications companies, municipal utilities, city carriers, electricity, gas and water suppliers, cable TV providers, airports, mining companies, Federal agencies for highways and water navigation, hospitals, insurance companies, consulting engineers, etc.

Fields of application of cableScout

In recent years, communications and data networks have virtually exploded in terms of size and complexity. This is mainly due to the fact that the network operators must be able to simultaneously use several transmission and interconnection technologies, e.g. SDH, NG-SDH, PONs or FTTx and others, in order to satisfy the constantly growing demand for new services such as high-speed Internet, IPTV or Video on Demand.

The administration of these complex mixed networks very much depends on system-wide, error-free and, above all, up-to-date documentation. And this is exactly the challenge for a lot of companies who still tackle this task by traditional means, e.g. paper documentation, inventory lists, CAD plans or Excel tables. However, these methods have not been developed specifically for the network sector and therefore they cannot offer any of the urgently required functionalities, let alone database connections or interfaces to other systems. The maintenance of the different records is consequently quite time-consuming and awkward; even small changes in the network will often make it necessary to amend a large number of pages, drawings or spreadsheets. In this manner, it is impossible to come up to the standards of modern and efficient administration.

Our cableScout cable management software provides the network operator with a professional tool for the comprehensive documentation of all the various network infrastructures and transmission technologies, ranging from the supraregional site down to the signal layer of every single fiber or wire. Ease of use if further enhanced by a clear overview at all times. The entire information from throughout the network is stored in a central database and can be called up by the network team from any company location. This permits the staff in charge to correct possible disturbances in the network without delay and thus save costs and, not least, avoid complaints from customers.

During day-to-day network administration cableScout supports the user with a variety of special functions, such as plausibility checks, route finding, capacity and utilization statistics, work orders, different computation methods in the PON and coax sector, as well as numerous planning options. Troublesome searching and processing of documents is completely eliminated with Cable-Scout®; changes or planning modifications can be carried out in just a few steps.

This gives a considerable boost to the efficiency of your network administration and also has a positive effect on network availability. Because of the cost savings achieved, cableScout will normally have paid for itself in less than 2 years of operation.

The software covers the following network types, topologies and technologies:

  • System-wide administration of Global Area, Wide Area, Metropolitan Area,
    Access and Local Area Networks (GAN – WAN – MAN – AN - LAN),
  • Transmission media: optical fiber, copper, coax, and hybrid cables,
  • Full coverage of broadband technology including SDH, NG-SDH, PDH, Sonet, PCM, PONs, WDMs,
  • Comprehensive administration at the physical, logical and virtual network layer,
  • Integrated administration of all optical and electrical last-mile technologies,
  • Communications, data, signal, radio relay, transport, duct, FTTL, backbone, measuring and control cable networks, etc.,
  • Star, ring, linear, bus, and tree topologies, etc.,
  • Meshed and hierarchical structures,
  • Any desired combinations, and other network features.

For further informations and a detailed product presentation please contact us. 

Atene KOM 3.1./4.0/4.1
NETadmin® OSS
Nokia PDH Manager®
Target groups:

Our 300 customers include companies from over 20 countries and from a wide range of iindustry sectors. They all have the same objective, namely to operate their communications networks as efficiently as possible with cableScout:

  • municipal utilities
  • telecoms
  • energy, gas and supplier
  • mining companies
  • airports
  • highway administrations
  • government
  • etc.

Over 250 customers are using cableScout for the administration of their fiber and copper networks.

  • UPC Austria
  • UPC cablecom / Switzerland
  • Versatel / Germany
  • T-Mobile / Austria
  • Airport Abu Dhabi / UAE
  • DOT Abu Dhabi / UAE
  • Orkufjarskipt / Iceland
  • ASTRA / Switzerland
  • Vattenfall Netcom Europa AG / Germany
  • WINGAS/Gascade / Germany
  • many more
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Functions (excerpt) of cableScout software for the management of optical fiber networks:
IT Asset Management
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Manual, Technical documentation
Dialogue language(s):
English, German
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Compatible operating systems (runs with):
Win 11
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Mobile OSs (supports):
Old Compatible Operating Systems:
Win Vista
Win XP
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Min. memory requirements:
3 GB Hard disc
data storage medium:
Flash memory
Other requirements for soft- and hardware:
Oracle oder MSSQL Datenbank

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