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Groupware or collaborative software is used by companies for group-oriented work in the corporate network. The classic areas of application for groupware solutions are e-mail, databases, appointment management or document management. In the meantime, the range of functions has often been greatly expanded and, for example, expense reports or vacation planning are included under the term groupware. Among IT experts, systems such as Lotus Notes or Domino from IBM or the Exchange Server from Microsoft are often equated with groupware.

The groupware software listed in this current market overview usually includes extensive user group and rights management (e.g. also with guest functions) and enables data synchronization with mobile devices, for example. The listed Lotus Notes solutions map e.g. Gantt charts, CRM or mind map and support automated print functions, time management or document management.

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E-mail signatures in a uniform design and with the correct address data for HCL Notes
Create company-wide standardized signatures for emails and thus increase your corporate identity. The SignatureManager for HCL Notes enables centralized management of signature templates, is multilingual and extremely user-friendly. Use the address data from the domino directory, conveniently design signature templates, provide campaign information, etc.. The SignatureManager can be used to manage plain text and directional text signatures as well as HTML signatures.
CI-Out-of-Office Manager for Microsoft Exchange
Centrally manage out-of-office notes for Exchange, Outlook and Office 365 users
Centrally manage out-of-office notes for Exchange, Outlook and Office 365 users The CI Out-of-Office Manager can be used to display and change absence settings for employees as well as for appointment management, for example to enter appointments in user calendars or display them in public folders. Authorized employees or users can check whether a particular employee is in or out of the office, for example. Employees can have planned appointments activated/deactivated in advance by the software and much more.
Cobalt ToDo Manager for HCL Notes & Domino
Project and Task Management with HCL Notes & Domino
Cobalt ToDo Manager helps you take full advantage of IBM Lotus Notes & Domino potential for successful project and task management. To-Do lists can be created using Lotus Notes client, browser or app for mobile devices. Cobalt ToDo Managers includes Gantt Charts that perfectly support project managers and project teams in browser-based planning and monitoring of projects of any size.
Field Service Management - Mobile
Mobile service management (online/offline) via web browser/notebook/smartphone/tablet
Mobile service management (online/offline) via web browser/notebook/smartphone/tablet With Field Service Management mobile, you can monitor your field service workers anytime, anywhere. The app provides real-time communication, scheduling and much more. So you can make your field service more efficient and profitable.
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