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DBMS - Database Management Systems

In this section you will find the different types of database management systems (relational, hierarchical, network, object-oriented). Also presented here are programs for reporting, solutions for data transfer between SQL databases, tool for data integration, data migration and data analysis.

A database management system (DBMS) is software with which users can enter data into or read data from a database. The database management system (the system for managing data) forms the database system together with the actual database (the database base). Data is queried and managed using a database language such as SQL (Structured Query Language).

The most widely used software is for relational databases (RDBMS - Relational Database Management System). This has prevailed in the operational environment over hierarchical and network databases. MySQL, for example, is one of these RDBMS. Hierarchical databases are suitable for processing bills of materials, for example. Network databases are used to map and process network-like structures (e.g. Internet Grid).

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Apparo Fast Edit
Company-wide data collection, replacement of Excel applications, BI report commenting
Company-wide data collection, replacement of Excel applications, BI report commenting With Apparo Fast Edit you can create web-based data entry applications. Whether simple data mask or complex workflow, the software supports you in quality-assured data management, including Excel interface, auditing and security and platform-independent data processing. Apparo Fast Edit uses the security system, the web portal and the look & feel of your BI system, but also works as a standalone version. Even business departments can now create simple applications.
TeimData knowledge base & error database "Simply one Tool"
TeimData knowledge base & error database Simply one Tool With TeimData, the functionality follows your proven or defined processes, regardless of the industry. The continuous screening of errors and processes is one of the most important aspects for a successful company and its sustainability. Based on this information, processes, products and the organisation can be made sustainable and successful. TeimData supports the constant transfer of knowledge through standardised processes. Efficiency, like the success of a company, no longer depends on innovative strength alone ...
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