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In this SoftGuide section you will find software, systems and solutions for frameworks. Frameworks are used in object-oriented development. They are not finished stand-alone programs, but form the framework for application programming. They can be used among other things also for automated tests of embedded software. There are different Framework types: Application Frameworks, Domain Frameworks, Class Frameworks, Component Frameworks, Coordination Frameworks, Tests Frameworks (for testing programs) and Web Frameworks (for dynamic creation of websites).



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Frameworks differ from toolkits by their coherent structure. Frameworks can be suitable for different platforms. They consist of individual classes, which in a sense represent a pattern on the basis of which a program is written. The advantages of frameworks are obvious, they facilitate the programming work and save time. Because recurring tasks are already programmed in the framework and can be used as often as necessary and there are standardized interfaces to certain sources.

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