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Katwerk ECatalog

Catalog software, electronic product catalog, PDF export, eClass, BMECat

Version:  2.1


Katwerk ECatalog is an electronic catalog for product presentation and print-ready creation of individual product catalogs (PDF).

Electronic Product Catalog

The Katwerk eCatalog offers the sales department the possibility of creating customer group-specific catalogs, ready for printing or for dispatch by e-mail.  The product data is previously synchronized and updated with the central product database via the Internet or intranet.

It is also possible to select subsections from the catalog. This allows you to create different catalogs, e.g. subdivided by product group. This is useful if you want to create catalogs individually, e.g. for specific sales channels.

New! Now also as Iphone or IPad catalog

Create your catalog at the push of a button also for the Iphone or the IPad. The product data is available offline or is loaded onto the Iphone or Ipad via the existing Internet connection. There you can browse them or select them to create an individual catalog. Ideal for your sales at trade fairs or directly for your customers.

Advantages of Katwerk eCatalog

  • The product data is always up to date; changed prices and new products are available to all interested parties at the push of a button.
  • Central maintenance of product data. The data is complete and consistent, duplicate data is avoided.
  • Any information can be stored for the products: Pictures in different sizes, videos, data sheets, additional information for download, etc.
  • Use of eBusiness standards: e.g. "BMEcat" for exchanging product data with other companies or "eClass" for uniform classification of product groups and product characteristics.
  • The Katwerk ECatalog can be adapted 100% to your individual requirements.
  • Support of different layout variants: Individual display with picture, set articles, standard parts, tabular display, group pictures, grouping of several similar articles into article groups with group pictures and group descriptions, accessory articles or reference to supplementary articles, competitor articles, etc.
  • Creation of individual layout variants
  • Multi-language capability in currently 16 languages
  • Trade show mode and offline version

    Product Information System (PIM)

    The creation of product catalogs and price lists requires an up-to-date database that has been prepared for sales. As a rule, the data comes from the article master data of the merchandise management system or from the manufacturers themselves. These are supplemented by data sheets, instructions, pictures, videos or other information useful for sales and service. As a result, we create a product database for you that can be used as the basis for an online store, print catalog or electronic product catalog.

    More information is available upon request.


    Target groups:

    Our catalog software is suitable for companies in all industries. It supports articles in individual display (list) and other structures such as

    e.g. set articles, standard parts, article groups with group description and group picture, article variants, accessories, article links, competitor articles, etc. Other structures or display layouts can be added.

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    Functions (excerpt) of Katwerk ECatalog:

    Data maintenance
    Export functions
    Price lists
    Product database
    Product data management


    on request

    Get to know the software better! Request a video appointment for a personal presentation!

    Technical specifications:

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    Dialogue language(s):
    English, German, French
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    Win 11
    Win 10
    Win Server
    Mainframe based
    Unix based
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    Mac OS
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    Old Compatible Operating Systems:
    Win 8
    Win 7
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    Win XP
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