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Current market overview of industry software, programs and solutions for advertising agencies. The agency software usually supports project management, project team management and offer management. Mostly, the software for advertising agencies includes budget management, calculations can be created, hours can be recorded and documents can be managed on a project basis. Often the dialog marketing agency software offers the possibility to define different marketing profiles, optimize lead management and manage campaigns.

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easyJOB Agentursoftware
easyJOB software for advertising agencies
easyJOB software for advertising agencies
Die Agentursoftware easyJOB ist eine webbasierte Komplettlösung für Werbeagenturen, Werbetreibende und Marketingabteilungen. Sie sorgt für eine Professionalisierung der Abläufe, schafft Strukturen und verkürzt den Administrationsaufwand erheblich. Der Schwerpunkt liegt bei der kaufmännischen Projektabwicklung - von der Angebots- bis zur Rechnungsstellung, von der Stundenerfassung bis zur Deckungsbeitragsrechnung - ergänzt um viele weitere Tools.
vjoon K4® - Publishing System for Adobe® Creative Suite®
vjoon K4 Cross-Media Publishing Platform for every output channel
vjoon K4 Cross-Media Publishing Platform for every output channel
vjoon enables brands, publishers, creative agencies and organizations to collaborate efficiently as a team and manage digital content in one central software platform.
Cross Media Publishing for Agencies
crossbase is a flexibly adaptable software solution that is suitable for any form of market-specific product communication. With the modularly designed software crossbase, you can easily serve customers in any country of the world. Language-specific texts and media files are monitored in a perfect translation workflow, stored centrally and are available for the layout in a version-safe manner. Design professional documents with the office module. Maintain your customers' websites via CMS. Configure catalogs quickly and easily ...
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