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Digital signage stands for the (audio-)visual and digitalised presentation of content for advertising and information purposes on a wide variety of electronic display surfaces. The forms of presentation range from display boards, traffic signs and emergency signs to small displays on the counter (in-store marketing) and large-scale presentations with many screens. Depending on the type of presentation, many small monitors can also be controlled individually. There are interactive digital signage solutions in which interaction between the user and the digital signage screen takes place through gesture recognition and control or via a touch screen.

In this current market overview, you will find digital signage software or digital out-of-home software that can be used to create electronic posters, signage, digital door signs and advertising in shops, as well as menus, trade fair terminals, wayfinding systems or automated large-screen projections. The solutions shown here are suitable for complex interactive digital signage systems as well as for stand-alone screens.

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IT solution for room & workstation booking, conference management and digital signage
IT solution for room & workstation booking, conference management and digital signage Event-IS is the modern, intelligent web-based solution for your conference management. Use Event-IS as a complete solution or individual modules for room reservation, visitor management or workstation booking. With digital signage, you succeed in digital signage and optimized room utilization in your corporate design. The digital display options of current and future room occupancy with connection to MS Exchange, Office 365, IBM Notes and GoogleCalendar show you as a top modern company.
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