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On this page you will find an up-to-date overview of software and solutions for room planning, room allocation and room management. The room planning software listed here enables organizers of events and seminars or companies to efficiently plan rooms or resources.

Room planning software usually supports room bookings with equipment features (e.g. type of seating) or room booking systems for buildings and locations. It includes, for example, the management of meeting rooms, the graphical display of room reservations and room assignments. It supports the management and planning of, for example, lecture halls with lectures or the occupancy planning of gymnasiums and sports fields. Thereby the software for room planning mostly includes an administration of master data with a user administration. Usually, for example, both the meeting participants and the necessary media or equipment can be coordinated via the software. Often, the room management software also includes functions for accounting.

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Locaboo - Efficient room and resource management
Locaboo - Efficient room and resource management Locaboo is a web-based software that has developed a simple solution to manage premises in companies, public authorities, churches, sports and leisure facilities with ease. For this purpose, individual widgets are integrated on the website. The widgets are adapted to the design of the website. Depending on your wishes, bookings can be made online via any end device, both from the employees' side and from the customers' side. This allows the bookings to be managed both internally and externally.
IT solution for room & workstation booking, conference management and digital signage
IT solution for room & workstation booking, conference management and digital signage Event-IS from Integral is the flexible, industry-independent IT solution for your conference management. With its modular design, the software offers components for room reservation, catering, workplace booking, visitor management and digital signage. With the web-based Event-IS room reservation software, you can professionally organize and optimize your room occupancy, control digital door signs and manage flexible workstations for desk sharing, and much more.
easySoft. Education
Making work fun - with the software for educational institutions and companies
The powerful and field-proven EasySoft program offer an intuitive and clear user interface and are therefore extremely easy to use. Among other things, a traffic light scheme is available for easy task management, as well as a graphical overview and course planning aids.
New generation course management, seminar management and event management
New generation course management, seminar management and event management With welante, specific processes in course planning and seminar organization can be mapped and optimized. Through digitalization and networking, your operational processes are accelerated and error risks are minimized. The web-based software for planning, evaluating, billing and marketing courses and events is clearly structured and easy to use thanks to its modern design. This makes course and room planning, participant management and accounting convenient and reliable.
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