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A subscription is a regularly recurring purchase of a service. Subscriptions to newspapers, magazines or books, season tickets for sporting or cultural events, pay TV, mobile phone contracts, online music services, in the transport sector or for food are just some of the services offered.

In this SoftGuide section you will find an overview of subscription management software. The subscription management software listed in this section enables publishers, among others, to manage newspaper subscriptions or magazine subscriptions - mostly as part of a comprehensive solution for publishers / publishing software. As a rule, the software supports invoicing and dispatch, offers interfaces for merchandise management, accounting and for dispatch. Subscription management software usually supports flexible runtime management, helps with shipping and postage optimization and returns management. The solutions listed often offer conversion of trial subscriptions to normal subscriptions and help with analysis of circulation levels, territory distributions and other statistical evaluations.

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knk Subscription Management Module
Module of the knk publishing software for convenient management of your subscribers
Module of the knk publishing software for convenient management of your subscribers Thanks to knk subscription management, master data and various key figures can be more easily monitored, better applied and simply optimized. Publishing houses with recurring print and online media benefit from automated workflows and processes.
mediaSuite Business Extension abo
Subscription and member management with integrated scatter and change dispatch
Subscription and member management with integrated scatter and change dispatch The Business Extension subscription software solution offers all important functionalities for the creation of offers through to the invoicing of subscriptions with a wide variety of business models. Use the professional solution for classic print subscriptions or digital subscriptions as well as for bookseller or association subscriptions, combined subscriptions and much more.
DMS Specialized in Contract Management, Invoice Processing & Digital Processes
DMS Specialized in Contract Management, Invoice Processing & Digital Processes With ShakeSpeare, your employees save time and can work in a modern way from the home office. ShakeSpeare is used for the audit-proof storage of documents and is the basis for the paperless office. The software is particularly suitable for digital contract management and digital invoice management. Both modules can be installed and used within a few hours. Over 10 million documents are already managed worldwide via ShakeSpeare.
Fakturia Subscription Management
Automated billing of subscription contracts and recurring invoices
Automated billing of subscription contracts and recurring invoices Fakturia is the ideal solution for your subscription management and enables the automated creation of recurring invoices. As a Java EE application, it was developed specifically for the European market and offers flexible and easily scalable subscription management. The system keeps track of recurring services and consumption-based fees, with invoices due being sent automatically.
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Subscriptions exist in various areas: Web streaming services, magazine publishers, theaters, public transportation, or even for food. As different as the offerings are in terms of services, they all have in common that recurring deliveries (including shipping services) and bills are associated with them.

Subscription management software supports recurring billing, known as subscription billing, as well as subscription contract management and recurring business and marketing operations. Messages regarding subscription renewals must be sent at the appropriate time by the software. In addition, subscription management software usually also maps metrics such as customer churn, growth rate, increments, recurring revenue and acquisition costs. Dashboards are usually available for this purpose. Often, the software also offers a customer portal for self-service for customer registration or changes to orders. What is also important in subscription management is, above all, the smooth connection to the existing corporate IT structure.

Important modules and functions of subscription management software

Subscription management Subscription management

The core of the subscription management software is the customer or subscriber management. The software solution should be able to manage customer relationships as automatically and flexibly as possible. All subscription products and contracts are managed via the subscription management. The respective prices for the subscription products are stored here, and upgrades and downgrades, discounts, terms and deadlines are managed.

Typical functions

Typical functions of subscription management software

Typical functions of software for web-based subscription management

Typical functions of subscription management software for transportation

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