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Download Infographic - Tips for choosing subscription management software

In this infographic on the topic of "Selecting a subscription management software", we have compiled selected tips for software selection as well as important modules and functions of merchandise management systems.

Tips for choosing a Subscription management software
Quick tips for comparison
Is a self-service portal available?
Can customers update data themselves?
Does the software offer a customer log-in, a self-service portal through which customers can independently change their own data (e.g. address, bank details, e-mail)? For example, can a different delivery address be specified in the event of a vacation? Can a temporary break from the subscription be activated?
Which payment methods are integrated?
Is there a payment gateway?
The majority of subscriptions offered are subject to a charge. The recurring billing of subscription costs is usually not only done by bank transfer or direct debit, but also by credit card payment or Paypal, for example. Check whether the payment methods you require can be mapped via the software.
Customer cancels subscription!
Get feedback!
Make sure whether the subscription management software also offers feedback functions! When a customer cancels their subscription, it's important to gather feedback. Only if you know the reasons for cancellations, you can improve your offer and service.
Upgrade – Downgrade!
Proration in the subscription business!
Does the software map Proration? Can customers switch to a higher or lower pricing plan during a subscription period? Can this switch be seamlessly mapped by the Subscription Management System?
Customer data is valuable!
Is the software compliant with the GDPR?
A subscription is associated with a delivery. It does not matter whether the delivery is made digitally or as an analog delivery at the front door, customer data is collected by the software. This personal data should be processed by the subscription management software or the subscription management system in compliance with the GDPR!
Subscription Management System
Subscriber management software usually offers all the functions for billing recurring deliveries, but also includes marketing functions, a customer portal, key figures and analysis functions. Nowadays, subscription models are not limited to magazines, public transport tickets or theater tickets, but are also used for streaming services, games or digital magazines. Subscription management software should therefore be selected according to product, tariff and billing structure. The software should automate processes, monitor incoming payments, and enable the flexible design of subscription terms.
Important blocks and functions
  • Subscription management

  • Self-Service Portal

  • Recurring billing

  • Payments

  • Dunning

  • Marketing

  • Evaluations

  • Discount management

  • Interfaces

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Download infographic Tips for Choosing a Subscription Management Software
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