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GLASGLOBAL® Software for calculating the static proof according to DIN 18008
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DIN 18008 – Static software

GLASGLOBAL® is the software to calculate the structural analysis for glass regarding to the german standard DIN 18008 part 1 to 6. Exact results can be achieved in less time due to our high performance calculating engine and the finite-element-method. The loads regarding to european standard EN 1991-1 are preset in GLASGLOBAL®. This makes the software easy to handle and allows an intuitive entry of values.


  • Calculate horizontal, vertical, barrier/ fall proof, point fixed and walk-on glazings
  • Local altitudes and wind/ snow loads can be determined by the german postcode
  • Recommendation and optimization of glass thickness
  • Consideration of the shear modulus in laminated safety glass
  • Symmetric and asymmetric laminated safety glass up to eight panes
  • Proof of the loads on edge compound
  • Determination of chord shortening
  • Static verification of glazing according to DIN 18008: 2012 Part 1 to 6
  • Large number of pre-installed products such as glasses, point and clamp holders
  • Calculation according to finite element method of any shape and storage of the glazing
  • Maximum values of the deflection and tension of the individual washers for relevant and freely defined load combinations
  • Verification of all load cases (snow, wind, dead weight, traffic loads)
  • Wind and snow loads for Germany according to DIN 1055 with optionally available wind and snow load module for Switzerland
Stress calculation
Statics calculation
Wind and snow loads
Target groups:
  • Insulating glass manufacturer
  • Float glass manufacturer
  • White glass manufacturer
  • Soundproof glass manufacturer
  • Safety glass manufacturer
  • Solar control glass manufacturer
  • Thermal insulation glass manufacturer
  • Fire protection glass manufacturer
  • Building glass manufacturer
  • Flat glass manufacturer
  • Facade manufacturers
  • Structural engineering offices
  • Civil engineering office
  • Metal worker
  • Steel constructors
  • Glaziers
  • Window builder
  • Specialized companies for window construction
  • Window and winter garden builders
  • Joinery
  • Flat glass refiner
  • Architect's office
  • Facade consultants
  • Facade planner
  • Architect
  • Test engineers
  • Expert for glass construction
  • Prefabricated house manufacturers
  • Test engineering offices for building industry
  • Testing institute for building products Structural engineer
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