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Programme package for laboratory tests in soil mechanics, earthwork and foundation enginee

Version:  4.05

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The IDATLab evaluation programme for the evaluation of laboratory tests in soil mechanics, earthwork and foundation engineering comprises several individual programmes that are combined into programme packages. The data input takes place directly on the screen in the respective output form. Thus you have visual control at all times and know how the final form would be output. To change an input value, simply click on it with the mouse and enter the change.

You can create several tests per project and even compare laboratory results from different laboratory programmes. Forms can be customised with your corporate design without much effort and at no additional cost.

A total of three programme packages are offered by IDATLab, which can be used individually or together:

IDATLab Part 1 with:

  • WinKorn for the determination of grain size distribution by sieve, slurry and combined sieve/slurry analysis according to DIN 18123; display of grading curve ranges according to ZTV / ZTVT/ TL SoB is also possible.
  • WinPlatt for the evaluation of plate load tests according to DIN 18134
  • WinDynPla for the evaluation of dynamic plate load tests according to TP BF-StB Part B 8.3
  • WinProc for the evaluation of proctor tests according to DIN 18127
  • WinAttbg for determining the condition limits (according to Atterberg) in accordance with DIN 18122

IDATLab Part 2 with:

  • WinDurch for the evaluation of permeability tests (Kf value) according to all methods described in DIN 18130.
  • WinKomp for evaluation of the compression test with hindered lateral expansion (oedometer test)
  • WinScher for determining the shear strength using the direct shear test according to DIN 18137 Part 1. Direct transfer of the measured values from ASCII files is possible. Determination of the friction angle, the cohesion and the total shear strength
  • WinTriax for the determination of shear strength as a three-axial test according to DIN 18137 Part 2 (D, CU, UU, CCV)
  • WinEinax for the determination of unconfined compressive strength (DIN 18136)

IDATLab Part 3 with:

  • WinDicht for the determination of density by cylinder sampling, densitometer, sand replacement, density of non-cohesive soils (DIN 18125 and 18126) and for the determination of water content according to DIN 18121
  • WinEns for determining the water absorption capacity according to DIN 18132
  • WinKalk for determining the lime content according to DIN 18129
  • WinGlueh for determination of loss on ignition according to DIN 18128
  • WinRho for the determination of grain density according to DIN 18124
  • WinCBR for the evaluation of the CBR test according to DIN EN 13 286-47 or according to TP BF-StB Part B7.1

Target groups:

  • Ground Engineering Laboratory
  • Ground surveyor
  • Gravel works
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