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Costing software is used by companies to determine unit costs, costs of a service, production costs and the net or gross sales price in order to achieve cost transparency, to calculate products or services and above all to assess their own competitiveness. For a more precise calculation, data from operational cost accounting is required. Costing software includes, for example, quotation and order processing, cost and profit controlling, product costing, preliminary and final costing, warehouse management, ordering and purchasing. Almost every area of controlling is based on costing procedures.

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TaxMetall - ERP • PPS
TaxMetall - ERP / PPS for small and medium-sized enterprises
TaxMetall - ERP / PPS for small and medium-sized enterprises TaxMetall is a modular ERP system / PPS system with document management for digitization and a production module for manufacturing. The business solution is for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the areas of contract, series and contract manufacturing as well as CNC processing and machining. Production data acquisition, personnel time recording and mobile apps can be integrated, as can CAD.
Software for recipe management, product specifications, nutritional value calculation, ing
BESTMIX® Food is a software product for recipe management, product specifications, nutritional value calculation and ingredient lists. The product is intuitive and easy to use. All information and data on ingredients, prices and recipes are stored in a central database.
Simple and fast determination of variable charges with 4PLAN EVE
With 4PLAN EVE, short for "Determination of Variable Remuneration", it is possible to reduce the complexity and effort of variable remuneration determination to a minimum. 4PLAN EVE supports you throughout the entire process of variable remuneration determination - from the creation of the remuneration agreement to the calculation of the individual performance contribution and the resulting remuneration to the generation of the remuneration letters. Regardless of the form of performance-related remuneration, 4PLAN EVE reliably delivers correct results.
show 1 to 3 (of 3 entries)

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