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TaxMetall - ERP • PPS

TaxMetall - ERP / PPS for small and medium-sized enterprises

Version:  4.0

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TaxMetall considers all core business functions such as order processing, spreadsheet, order and warehouse management, customer relationship and supply chain management.

Most required business tasks are consisted such as: billing, reminders, production, pricing, marketing, system management, general management and analysis. Small and medium-sized enterprises need flexible and user-friendly software with high functionality, but although intuitive menu structures.

Following a quick overview of the program modules:

  • The basis module “administrative order processing” contain the processing of orders starting from the offering process and going on to the issuing of invoices and the dealing with payment requests. Enhanced Functions of this module assist in handling dunning processes and open tasks. The program enables the running of billing functions in any foreign currency.
  • Modern customer management / CRM system increases your customer loyalty and the elaborate supply chain management helps to decrease expenses.
  • The administration of profiles is specially suitable to any branch. CADs can be combined with different scale units or descriptions of your items in foreign languages ca be added.
  • Different calculation options provide for a cost optimization (e.g. agio calculation, order related costing) or the comparison of different calculations.
  • The comfortable BOM management allows the building and calculation of BOMs with different depth and width.
  • The form editor of TaxMetall allows the setting of individual prints. With this editor you can create your forms, labels and receipts. The program assists in defining document sizes as well as formatting texts.
  • All-important for the company management are the statistical analyses and controlling instruments, both in terms of sales and in the procurement market.
  • Order and Inventory Management can be integrated as additional modules, just as a BDE / PZE. Wage- and financial accounting can be supplemented.
  • With the module “ordering system” you can regulate supply chains and its gives you a quick overview of purchased parts. With this module you can book all incoming goods and manage all relevant data and conditions of your suppliers. Customer options are automated with the possibility of starting purchasing orders.
  • The inventory management completes the functions in-between the supply chain management .
  • With the BDE / PZE you can collect and maintain labour- and worker order times.
  • Data exchange with Microsoft Office is at any time secured whereas specific interfaces allow an easy data transfer. In addition to standard interfaces like ASCII, Excel etc. TaxMetall offers an integrated interface to Autodesk Inventor.
  • Documents, you`ve created with other programs, can connect to the document management of TaxMetall. In addition, you can use the integrated import and export data function in order to import or export module applications in TaxMetall.

TaxMetall is a standard solution software for cost conscious SMEs concerted to the Windows standard. This offers security at a high level. A modern database system ensures speed and flexibility. Existing versions are the editions standard, professional and enterprise. They allow full transparency in customizing and pricing.

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Quotation and order creation
Quotation prices
Article management
Order management
Inventory management
Order management
critical production materials
Customer management
Warehouse functions
Inventory management
Storage location management
Stock access and stock management
Supplier management
Material and wage prices
Material availability check
Material requirements
Material requirements determination
Material requirements planning
Material planning
Material cost planning
Material management
Materials management
Master data management
Parts lists and where-used lists
Bill of material items
Bill of material processing
Parts list management
Bill of material processing
Shipping functions
Goods issue
Goods receipt
merchandise management
Time and work plans
Target groups:
  • Small and medium-sized companies in the range of made-to-order production, series production or job order production
  • Engine building, special engine building
  • Plant- an apparatus engineering
  • Tool- and mold making
  • Metal processing and -working
  • Subcontractors for the automotive industry
  • CNC manufacturing
  • Metal and steel construction
  • Medical technology
  • Electrical and electronic engineering
from 2487.10 EUR (2090.00 EUR plus 19% VAT) once
from 111.92 EUR (94.05 EUR plus 19% VAT) monthly
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