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Current market overview of CPQ software. CPQ stands for "Configure, Price, Quote." CPQ software enables sales representatives to configure products or services according to specific customer requirements. The software automatically takes into account technical specifications, compatibilities, limitations, and rules.

CPQ software facilitates accurate and consistent pricing and can typically generate quotes for customers automatically. It considers various factors such as customer requirements, discounts, contracts, currencies, and other price parameters. The software automatically calculates the optimal price for the configured product or service, ensuring all relevant price elements are taken into account. CPQ software can generally be seamlessly integrated with other enterprise systems like CRM and ERP. This allows for efficient data exchange and ensures a smooth sales process.

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Odoo Enterprise
ERP software with a sense of proportion
ERP software with a sense of proportion The modular, scalable ERP software Odoo can be perfectly adapted to your exact operational requirements. We offer an ERP and the associated digitisation of your company from a single source, so that your digitisation process runs smoothly and error-free. Instead of individual software modules for sub-areas of your company, you get a system from a single source as required.
Planware CPQ
The Solution for Product Configuration, Price Calculation and Quote Generation (CPQ)
The Solution for Product Configuration, Price Calculation and Quote Generation (CPQ) Our configuration applications are based on our standard Planware CPQ software. Thus, a large part of the required functionality is already available and tested. Our offer configurator is a web-based client-server software. This means it can be accessed from anywhere and is low-maintenance and easy to update during operation. Planware CPQ is a database-based expert system. It enables simple, fast and always correct quotation generation in any language.
Productconfigurator (CPQ)
Productconfigurator (CPQ) With the product configurator Build!, the sales team can configure complex products into numerous combinations according to customer requirements worldwide, and generate a corresponding offer automatically. All dependencies of the configuration process can be defined freely. The basic product data comes from the ERP system, which ensures that the most up-to-date data is used for configuration. The dependencies of product components and rules for the configuration process are variable and can be freely defined by you ...
Modular business software
Modular business software Odoo is THE all-in-one, modular business platform. The only platform you will ever need to run your business successfully. Odoo maps all business requirements in a single, cost-effective solution.
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