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iExcelGen - generate Excel directly at your AS/400

Version:  05.04

Compatible with

Converts iSeries/System i5 data into spreadsheets in the Microsoft Excel format and places the results anywhere in the Integrated File System (IFS). This allows ready access to your business data but ensures it conforms with the security settings of individual users.

At-a-Glance … by one command

  • Run a query, output to an iSeries/System i5 physical file
  • Convert to Excel & format the data (headings in bold etc)
  • Simply send the Excel spreadsheet to one or more recipients via email 

Spool Add-On

Be able to convert Spool files into Excel format intelligently by using the Spool Add-On. With this additional tool and your Spool files, you can define the structure of future Excel data and how it will be stored. So, in the future, you can automate not only the creation of the XLS files, but how they are automatically formatted.

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Target groups:

All industry, ONLY for users of IBM iSeries / System i!

from 476.00 EUR (400.00 EUR plus 19% VAT)
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