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In this SoftGuide section you will find software, systems and solutions for virtualization. Virtualization is the abstraction of physical IT resources (hardware, software, networks, servers, etc.) into virtual components. The same operating systems and applications can run on virtual systems as on physical hardware. Software supports the virtualization of servers, storage, applications, desktops or complete networks, among other things. Server, network and storage virtualization enable a more targeted utilization and distribution of resources. Virtualization software can save hardware and thus reduce costs and conserve resources (green IT).

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Connectivity for mainframe solutions (IBM iSeries, IBM zSeries, Siemens BS2000/OSD)
The LOG-WEB host communication solution is based on web technology and provides a unified interface for communication with IBM iSeries, IBM zSeries and BS2000/OSD hosts. LOG-WEB allows users to access their host applications and data from any web browser.
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