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Software for Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Planner

Software for Corporate Performance Management
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Corporate Planner OC

Focus on the essentials and make targeted decisions. Corporate Planner OC comes with over 300 business administration functions to help you steer your business in the right direction: create top-down or bottom-up plans, produce automatic forecasts, trend analyses and simulations, or run through a variety of scenarios. All your operational budgets can be transferred automatically to the integrated financial plan.

Whether it’s variance analysis, 80/20 analysis, break-even analysis, key ratio analysis or trend analysis – our solution offers a wide range of features for dynamic data evaluation.  With Corporate Planner OC, you ensure that you and your colleagues are speaking the same language. Send customised reports to executive managers, heads of department or line managers. Your report users receive all the information they need on a dashboard or automatically by email.

Corporate Planner OC depicts your internal business structures and use cases, adapting flexibly to each new situation. Benefit from being able to give a quick and precise answer to every question in corporate performance management. Our software solution has over 100 integrations to all major pre-systems. Data imports run smoothly and automatically. Depict the structures and use cases specific to your business: Corporate Planner OC adapts flexibly to each new situation and every department within corporate performance management.

Advantages at a glance

  • easy and intuitive to use
  • data transfer from any back-office systems
  • integrated planning and ad-hoc analysis functions
  • scenario planning
  • IBCS reporting


Corporate Planner Finance

Fluctuations in turnover, changes in payment practice on the part of customers or towards suppliers, and forthcoming investments and loans will all have complex effects on your liquidity. Corporate Planner Finance ensures transparency and brings stability to your financial plan. A dynamic link between the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statement sheds light on cause-and-effect relationships and enables you obtain an overview of your solvency and to make sound decisions for the future of your business.

In Corporate Planner Finance you can merge all your operational budgets and make use of predefined business logic to produce your income statement and balance sheet. The solution shows you precisely how interim adjustments to the plan, simulations or forecast calculations will affect your financial position, financial performance and cash flows. In customised reports for internal and external report users, you can also include the key ratios that are of particular relevance to your company.

With the integrations to the relevant back-office systems, such as your ERP or cost accounting program, you are always working with up-to-date figures. Corporate Planner Finance imports the data automatically and can fit into any system environment. The solution is part of an integrated technological platform for business management. Each piece of information occurs only once, at just one storage location. You can open the original accounting entry for each value and, if desired, even drill through to the scanned voucher.

You use logic blocks that process business transactions to plan your income statement (P&L) and balance sheet. Corporate Planner Finance takes the business context into account as well as the interrelationships within the plan. Intercompany reconciliations applying the leader-follower principle save time when preparing your consolidated accounts. The Corporate Planner Cons integration automatically makes the data from your financial plan available for use in the consolidated financial statement.

Advantages at a glance

  • automatic data transfer from all back-office systems and single point of truth
  • predefined business logic for all kinds of planning specifications
  • parallel use of accounting standards, such as IAS/IFRS alongside local GAAP
  • simulation of alternative scenarios, e.g. for liquidity management
  • transparency and stability for your financial planning


Corporate Planner Cons

Corporate Planner Cons is the software for management and legal consolidation in groups of companies. With our solution, you can keep track of all the companies you would like to include in your consolidated financial statement and apply all the main accounting standards. If you wish, you can display your balance sheet in IAS/IFRS and local GAAP layout side by side. Our consolidation solution is certified in accordance with audit standards.

Our solution contains business logic with which you can compile your documents for audit in next to no time. A workflow guides you step by step through the entire consolidation process. Corporate Planner Cons checks the plausibility of the input and automatically generates the lists of postings. With an optional audit trail, all changes are recorded in the rights management system and are easy to follow.

Requests for clear and meaningful financial information on the group often start coming in soon after the end of a reporting period. With Corporate Planner Cons, you can produce your financial statements quickly and to a high standard of quality. By preparing consolidated financial statements during the year, you are always able to deliver information on demand and to respond to requests at short notice. Our solution helps you to increase every report user’s confidence in your business.

The software guides you through the entire consolidation process, from defining the individual companies to producing the consolidated financial statement. It offers you maximum clarity by breaking down the consolidation workflow process into easily manageable sections. For instance, the first section covers the general settings, such as defining the flexible time axis and organising the charts of accounts, while the second goes on to deal with the consolidation process itself. In both sections, all the settings and consolidation steps depend on one another. None of the essential information is left out.

Advantages at a glance

  • overview of all subsidiaries
  • fast close for consolidation on demand
  • workflow to guide the user through the process
  • certified to comply with audit standards
  • parallel use of different accounting standards, such as IAS/IFRS and local GAAP

Target groups:

The innovative self-service approach for flexible planning, modern analysis and individual reporting according to the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) is trusted by more than 4,000 companies of all sizes and industries including Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, the privately-owned Bauer dairy, Julius Meinl, MLP and Drykorn.


You can read more about how our software solutions for operational management, financial planning and consolidation are implemented and used in practice HERE.

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Functions (excerpt) of Corporate Planner:

ABC analyses
Variance analyses
Ad hoc reports
Change documentation
Analysis functions
Report management
Balance sheet
Break-even analyses
Posting list
Data import
Key figures and key figure systems
Plausibility check
Rights management
Top-down or bottom-up procedure

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> 4.000 Unternehmen
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Win 11
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Min. memory requirements:
4 GB RAM, 1 GB Hard disc
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Flash memory