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In this SoftGuide section, you will find an up-to-date market overview of liquidity planning software. The liquidity planning programs listed here support companies in ensuring their long-term solvency. In business terms, liquidity planning is part of short-term to medium-term financial planning and a controlling tool that compares expected income and expenses within a specified period.

Liquidity planning software helps you plan payment-related items. Keep an overview of the incoming and outgoing payment items. Liquidity planners help you to show over- or underfunding. If you detect deviations between planning and actual values, you can take appropriate measures as part of risk management to safeguard liquidity.

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4PLAN Dashboard
Meaningful presentation of your data from HR controlling with 4PLAN dashboards
4PLAN Dashboards stand for a meaningful presentation of data from HR controlling with integrated planning functions. The solution is characterised by a modern presentation in which the data is clearly laid out and initially focused on the essentials. Within the dashboards, the user simply clicks or taps on an element to access the information that he or she wants to analyse or change for planning purposes.
Corporate Planner
Software for Corporate Performance Management
Software for Corporate Performance Management Corporate Planner OC. Focus on the essentials and make targeted decisions. Corporate Planner OC comes with over 300 business administration functions to help you steer your business in the right direction: create top-down or bottom-up plans, produce automatic forecasts, trend analyses and simulations, or run through a variety of scenarios. All your operational budgets can be transferred automatically to the integrated financial plan. Whether it’s variance analysis, 80/20 analysis, break-even analysis, key ratio analysis or trend analysis – our solution offers a wide range of features for dynamic data evaluation ...
Unit4 Financials
International solution for financial accounting, controlling and liquidity planning
International solution for financial accounting, controlling and liquidity planning With Unit4 Financials you get financial accounting software that is specially designed for your company's accounting and controlling. At the same time, it reliably supports you in your liquidity planning.
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