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Corporate planning is one of the most important tasks in managing a company. Management and controlling mentally anticipate future corporate decisions during planning. Corporate planning software can support this creation of forecasts, simulations and scenarios. Planning software can be used, for example, to create sub-plans for different areas of the company, such as personnel, loans, investments, production and sales. Companies must be able to identify developments in good time and incorporate them into their plans. Corporate planning represents an essential function of performance management. Corporate planning software usually enables both top-down and bottom-up planning, provides drill-down functions to sub-plans and allows the automatic determination of P&L, balance sheets and liquidity.

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Corporate Planner
Software for Corporate Performance Management
Software for Corporate Performance Management Corporate Planner OC. Focus on the essentials and make targeted decisions. Corporate Planner OC comes with over 300 business administration functions to help you steer your business in the right direction: create top-down or bottom-up plans, produce automatic forecasts, trend analyses and simulations, or run through a variety of scenarios. All your operational budgets can be transferred automatically to the integrated financial plan. Whether it’s variance analysis, 80/20 analysis, break-even analysis, key ratio analysis or trend analysis – our solution offers a wide range of features for dynamic data evaluation ...
Simple and fast determination of variable charges with 4PLAN EVE
With 4PLAN EVE, short for "Determination of Variable Remuneration", it is possible to reduce the complexity and effort of variable remuneration determination to a minimum. 4PLAN EVE supports you throughout the entire process of variable remuneration determination - from the creation of the remuneration agreement to the calculation of the individual performance contribution and the resulting remuneration to the generation of the remuneration letters. Regardless of the form of performance-related remuneration, 4PLAN EVE reliably delivers correct results.
Programming-free toolkit for analysis, reporting, planning & forecasting
Entrepreneurs from all industries can use the Board Platform to obtain the key figures and data that are relevant for the planning processes much more quickly. Based on the fully comprehensive analyses including reports, decisions are ultimately more reliable and at the same time based on well-founded insights.
CIO Cockpit
Create transparency in your IT - for more efficiency and cost optimisation.
Create transparency in your IT - for more efficiency and cost optimisation. What is IT Financial Management? Digital business models, new challenges: A development that particularly affects the IT organisation of companies. Until recently, IT was a service provider on call, but in the future it will play an active role in shaping business. The age of the IT manufacture is ending - that of the IT service provider with economic responsibility is beginning. This means that the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is changing. Until now, the CIO was primarily a technology manager ...
Digital assistant for the implementation of ESG regulations
Digital assistant for the implementation of ESG regulations Digital assistant for the implementation of ESG regulations. Solutions for more sustainability, growth and higher enterprise value...
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