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Current Market Overview - Corporate Performance Management and Enterprise Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) or Business Performance Management (BPM) is intended to show in what time and with what means corporate performance has been achieved. Corporate Performance Management is concerned with monitoring and managing this performance. This initially includes the actual planning including forecasting as well as the consolidation of corporate performance and, in a broader scope, also strategy management and governance, risk and compliance.

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As a supplement to Business Intelligence (BI), analyses and reports, inventory optimization, planning and forecasting are created and managed for corporate and group planning. This is often also referred to as Business Performance Management (BPM), whereby the optimization of business processes represents the decisive difference to BI. In Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), for example, business intelligence is linked to operational applications and data such as key performance indicators (KPIs, balanced scorecard), revenue, return on investment (ROI), and overhead and operating costs. Enterprise performance management solutions are available as cloud or SaaS solutions as well as on-premises.

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