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Group Accounting - Much more than just consolidation

Diamant/4 Corporate Accounting

Group Accounting - Much more than just consolidation
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Diamant/4 offers real relief within your day-to-day business. The software is suitable for use within a group of companies as well as a large number of other companies. With its highly efficient accounting and controlling options, Diamant/4 optimally meets all the requirements of your industry.

Diamant/4 is an accounting program and controlling software for industrial groups. The program makes it easier for you to use your budget and your employees as valuable resources in the right places and to automate daily routines. With Diamant/4, you therefore also reduce your administration costs enormously and accelerate your core processes sustainably and permanently.

Diamant/4 provides you with a group accounting system that lays the foundation for successful and efficient accounting and controlling in the future.

Your advantages with Diamant/4 Corporate Accounting:

  • Relief for day-to-day business through intelligent processes
  • Holistic cost accounting
  • Time savings thanks to digital invoice receipt management
  • Client cockpit for a comprehensive overview of all clients and automation of recurring tasks
  • High usability with clear navigation
  • Centrally triggered consolidation for fast monthly, quarterly or annual financial statements (fast close)
  • Automatic intercompany postings for a seamless, fully automated document flow
  • Automatic elimination of typical group and individual issues
  • Complete overview of services, product lines, locations and branches of the entire group of companies
  • Consolidation across company boundaries via management consolidation
  • Extensive evaluation and organization options similar to a "client within a client"
  • Cross-location consolidation according to segments, product lines and service areas
  • Further analysis options in conjunction with Diamant/4 Business Intelligence

With the help of the Diamant/4 group accounting software, you have a clear overview of the current and future situation of your entire group of companies. The software displays both individual and combined company units in a differentiated manner. In addition, day-to-day business can be carried out effortlessly and your consolidated financial statements can also be prepared securely, quickly and reliably.

Customers of Diamant/4 software particularly appreciate the traceability of the consolidation process, the bank statements and the automatic payment advice notes as well as the 10 times faster dunning process thanks to the efficient funding management.

Target groups:

Medium-sized customers, similar organizations with holding structures and decentralized companies that require sophisticated standard software have placed their trust in Diamant Software for 40 years.

Customers who want to operate their solution in a data center or use it as a cloud offering, for example, also benefit from our 15 years of experience with web technologies.


Our customers value us as a professionally competent, independent and economically reliable partner. This reliability is documented by an above-average level of customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.

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Mr. Gerald Bär
0521 9426020
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Functions (excerpt) of Diamant/4 Corporate Accounting:

Document entry
Posting masks
Drill-down analysis
Management Cockpit
Client management
monthly closing
Daily closing
Recurring postings
Target and task tracking


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