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SPiCE 1-2-1 for Automotive

SPICE 1-2-1 for Automotive is an assessment tool for Automotive SPiCE

Version:  1.2.1

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SPICE 1-2-1 for Automotive is an assessment tool that was developed specifically for Automotive SPiCE. It enables companies to precisely determine and evaluate their software development processes in accordance with the requirements of Automotive SPiCE and ISO/IEC IS 15504. The current version comprises 31 processes, while the international standard defines 48 processes. The vision of SPICE 1-2-1 is to make the quality of software development processes measurable, continuously improve them and manage them effectively. With this assessment tool, companies can determine the current status of their processes and take targeted measures to optimize them.

The guiding principle of SPICE 1-2-1 is: "The best compass is no help to those who do not know their position." This illustrates the importance of a comprehensive assessment in order to be able to make targeted changes on this basis. The application thus provides the tool for understanding and successfully implementing the essential content of ISO 15504. It makes the complex "process landscape" tangible for software developers and provides a solid basis for systematic process improvement. The tool provides companies with comprehensive support in the implementation and optimization of their software development processes, can improve process quality in a targeted manner, strengthen their position in the market and increase customer satisfaction. The clear structure and user-friendliness of the application enable efficient use and maximum focus on results.

Your advantages when using SPICE 1-2-1 for Automotive:

  • Assessment tool for Automotive SPiCE and ISO/IEC IS 15504.
  • Enables a precise assessment and evaluation of software development processes.
  • Contains 31 processes according to Automotive SPiCE and 48 processes according to ISO/IEC IS 15504.
  • Helps organizations to measure, improve and manage the quality of their software development processes.
  • Provides a clear process landscape and enables targeted optimization.
  • Supports systematic process improvement and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Provides a tool to understand and implement the essential content of ISO 15504.
  • Enables efficient use and maximum focus on results.
  • Includes action and workflow management.
  • Facilitates process documentation as well as reports and evaluations.
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Functions (excerpt) of SPiCE 1-2-1 for Automotive:

Report management
Measures management
Standards compliance
Process documentation
Workflow management


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