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AREAPLAN - Hall planning tool

AREAPLAN is a 3D planning software for the optimal design of assembly halls
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Great projects in tight spaces require great solutions

Do you want to make optimal use of the space in your factory while making your production as efficient as possible? Then AREAPLAN is your indiviDUALIS solution.

  • Better use of space in the factory to increase productivity
  • Transparent site production
  • Simultaneous sequence and layout planning
  • Simultaneous consideration of spatial as well as temporal dimensions
  • Convenient planning of space requirements in dynamic factory layout

Using scarce space more efficiently - manufacturing large products more productively

In scheduling and capacity planning for the on-site assembly of large-volume products, the available assembly area often represents a bottleneck that cannot be neglected. The primary task of space planning is the temporal arrangement of assembly projects in the hall layout, taking into account any restrictions, such as construction height, load-bearing capacity, etc.

With AREAPLAN, spatial and temporal degrees of freedom can be used effectively. Position projects collision-free on the available operating areas and always get an overview of completed, current and planned projects with the help of the time and project filter. Export the resulting assembly plan as an Excel spreadsheet and communicate the current space allocation across departments via an exported 3D view with project information.

Technical details:

  • CAD import
  • Project filter
  • Project list export as MS Excel spreadsheet
  • Export of hall plan as PDF or .VCAX (Experience)/Multi-device


  • Modeling of the hall layouts
  • Training
  • Integration into the existing IT structure
2D and 3D construction
Analysis and simulation
Plant management
Facility planning
Asset management
Capacity planning
Scenario comparison
Target groups:

For whom is AREAPLAN the tool of choice?

Production manager Assembly manager and workshop manager in the field of individual and small series assembly of complex products, the assembly of which is based on the construction site principle.

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