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Software for planning, layout & dimensioning of water treatment plants

Version:  10

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Planning, design and dimensioning of plants in the drinking and process water sector

Assessment of water analyses and treatment plants

The software consists of several modules and can be extended as required from the basic module onwards.

Basic module

  • Assessment of water quality
  • Control and archiving of analysis data
  • Monitoring according to the current German Drinking Water Ordinance (2018) incl. EU Directive, or Austrian TwV and according to own limit values
  • chem. Assessment of water analyses
  • more than 80 input parameters
  • Calcite equilibrium calculations according to DIN 38404-10
  • Calcite solubility
  • Comparison of the 3 calculation methods
  • pH from Kb + Ks, Kb from pH + Ks, Ks from pH + Kb
  • Concentrations of the ion species
  • graphical representation of the ion concentrations in a pie chart
  • presetting of measuring temperatures for pH, Ks, Kb
  • corrosion chemical calculations, concrete attack
  • PH calculation, carbonic acid forms, pHL, pHc, buffering ...
  • Monitoring of input values according to TVO, analytical balance
  • Conversion nat. and internat. units
  • Water softening - Na-salting, KKG, optimal degree of softening
  • calculation of core decays
  • import of Excel files /addition
  • printouts with your company logo / add-on
  • analyses overview up to 10 analyses


  • chemical and physical deacidification
  • chemical deacidification > several types of marble and dolomite, dosing of alkalis
  • physical deacidification > Riesler, flat bed aerator
  • pre-deacidification according to DVGW W214 for very acidic and soft waters                 
  • alkali dosing / caustic soda, soda, milk of lime, etc.
  • Calculation of application quantities, pH curve, consumption, tanks, water values after deacidification
  • Retention times, filter speeds, filling quantities, refilling quantities ...
  • Deacidification to calcite sol. < 5 mg/l or to target pH-value
  • Carrying out calculations in variance ranges
  • Acid decarbonization (hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid)
  • Deacidification by filtration, lye dosage, trickling
  • Acid/CO2 dosing - decarbonization
  • Calculation of impurity concentration after dosing

Mixed water

  • Mixed water composition when mixing up to 5 waters
  • Miscibility according to DVGW W-216 - supply with different waters
  • Calculation of the range for mixtures with different waters
  • Creation of mixing diagrams 0-100
  • Limit value monitoring in the mixed waters


  • Design of filter units, (iron, manganese, A-carbon) among others according to DVGW W-223
  • Up to 20 filter units in parallel
  • Calculation of tank sizes, layer heights, retention times, ...
  • Backwashing with unit design, consumption quantities, flushing programs
  • Oxidation with air, potassium permanganate, -peroxide, ozone
  • Design of oxidizer
  • Design of aeration units


  • Addition of disinfectants such as:  chlorine - bleaching lye - ozone - hydrogen peroxide
  • Calculation of addition quantities for drinking water, bathing water, solid volume
  • Calculation of addition quantities for degradation of chlorine, peroxide
  • Design of dosing units
  • Dosing of acid, caustic, CO2 or Na2CO3 on any water, simulation with calculations
  • Acid/alkali neutralization
  • pH dependence for disinfection with chlorine bleach HOCl/OC
  • Calculation of pump size, residence times, flow velocities etc. l

 Pipe dimensioning/tank

  • Calculation of pipe dimensions, plant piping,
  • specification of flow velocities
  • Vessel calculations, weights, shell thicknesses, surfaces, nozzles ...
  • Calculation of pipe volume and residence times in the pipe

Reverse osmosis

  • Calculation of plant size
  • Up to 2 different waters for feeding and blending
  • with mixing at any point
  • Calculation of: Substance concentrations, fluxes, osmotic pressures, etc.
  • Pumping time for different inlet and outlet quantities (e.g. elevated tank, suction tank)
  • Calculation of the substance concentration in feed, permeate, concentrate and mixed water
  • Calculation of precipitation of poorly soluble salts e.g. CaSO4, BaSO4, SrSO4, CaCO3

available modules:

  • Basic version
  • Mixed water calculations
  • Deacidification chemical methods/decarbonation
  • Deacidification physical methods
  • deferrization, demanganization, filtration
  • Pipe dimensioning/tank
  • disinfection/dosing
  • Osmosis
  • Reactor fast decarbonization (SEC)

Additional tools

  • GWP for maintenance and specification of own limit values
  • DEW for finding analysis files and searching for contents
  • PT PlannerTool with tables and tools for planning tasks in water technology
  • integration of your company logo into the software (also appears on printouts)
  • import of Excel files
  • Austrian Drinking Water Ordinance
  • WHO Guidelines
2D representation
Analysis and simulation
Data verification
Data visualization
Limit value management
Mean values
Plausibility check
Sample management
Quality control
Quality assurance
Piping isometrics
Piping planning
Status monitoring
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Target groups:
  • plant engineering and construction
  • consulting engineers
  • public utilities
  • universities
from 523.60 EUR (440.00 EUR plus 19% VAT) per client
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