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Current market overview - software for specific industries or industrial companies

Current market overview of industry software, ERP systems and software for special industries. The software listed here includes ERP systems and PPS solutions and industry-specific software for production and wholesale in the cosmetics and perfume industry, solutions for stamping plants or, for example, the cardboard and packaging industry and the jewelry industry. For example, the respective solutions take into account recipe management, manufacturing specifications, test equipment management and batch management or, for example, material control surcharges (MTZ), energy control surcharges (ETZ), alloy surcharges (LZ) and recyclable material surcharges.

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Complete solution for plant design
The CADWorx bundle of CADWorx Plant, CADWorx P&ID and CADWorx Design Review enables efficient plant design for both greenfield and brownfield projects. The bundle includes a full suite of tools for creating intelligent 3D plant design with DWG-based results. Using CADWorx P&ID, you can easily create the process diagrams you need. CADWorx Design Review allows designers, managers, owners and other stakeholders to review and publish CADWorx models.
ZW3D - an all-in-one, affordable CAD/CAM solution
The reliable ZW3D optimizes the design workflow and improves efficiency.
The reliable ZW3D optimizes the design workflow and improves efficiency.
ZW3D is an integrated CAD/CAM software for the entire product development process. The solution provides an extremely kernel for solid-surface hybrid modeling, non-solid shape separation and intelligent CNC machining strategies from 2-axis to 5-axis. It includes numerous functionalities and ensures an efficient development process as well as cost reduction and optimized design workflows.
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