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The data warehouse is a separate, central database in which company-specific data from various operational data systems are combined, can be processed and enable a global analysis of a company's data stocks. The data warehouse serves to improve the supply of information in the company and, as an analytical system, forms the basis for online analytical processing (OLAP), or problem analysis. The data warehouse is also often the starting point for data mining.

In this SoftGuide section you will find an overview of software on the topic of data warehousing. The data warehouse software listed here supports you in merging data from different source systems as part of business intelligence. It often offers a complete and flexible cost accounting as well as the corresponding solutions for reporting and planning based on OLAP technology. The software for data warehousing can usually take into account financial information, such as balance sheets, profits and losses and key figures, but also flexible sales information or production or logistics data.

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ERP system: Bison Process Retail (x-trade)
Merchandise Management in Retail
Merchandise Management in Retail Merchandise management can be so simple - with Bison Process Retail (x-trade) With Bison Process Retail (x-trade), merchandise management can be so uncomplicated for retailers. As a complete solution, this software offers numerous advantages that can be applied at all levels of retail. From wholesale to retail with or without stores, you benefit from the various modules that can be optionally added as supplements for the basic version. Ultimately, your entire retail chain can be mapped and processed centrally ...
Controlling software for analysis, planning and reporting with IBM Planning Analytics TM1
Controlling software for analysis, planning and reporting with IBM Planning Analytics TM1 The data collected, analyzed and evaluated by the elKomBI software is compiled in the internal data warehouse. There they are available to decision-makers in large companies and groups and form the basis for upcoming corporate decisions.
instantOLAP * ROLAP Frontend * java based reporting tool * ERP (SAP,Baan,XPPS)
InstantOLAP is platform-independent and can be used on almost all systems. With the help of the system you simply make more out of your data! All information can be loaded directly from the data sources (database, ERP, etc.). The functionalities of instantOLAP include ROLAP, evaluation and statistics, data warehouse and reporting.
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