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In this SoftGuide section you will find data mining software and solutions for extracting knowledge from large amounts of data. Subareas of data mining are text mining and web mining. Data mining methods include data cleansing and transformation into an appropriate data format for subsequent analysis and evaluation based on this.

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In this market overview of data mining software you will find, for example, data mining tools for banks and marketing departments. Data mining software also offers practical tools for gaining insights for production and sales departments. Data mining tools filter and analyze the available data according to trends and patterns and can suggest further products to customers, optimize campaigns or calculate probabilities for loan repayments (risk forecasts) etc..

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BIC Process Mining
Achieve true process excellence
Achieve true process excellence BIC Process Mining revolutionizes your process understanding. With BIC Process Mining you track down hidden process data and identify errors, bottlenecks and duplications. The tool's performance mining capabilities fundamentally simplify your analyses and visually highlight error-prone processes, long lead times and bottlenecks.
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