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Statistical software enables the analysis of large amounts of data ("statistical data analysis" or Big Data) with the help of high-performance computer systems. In addition to solutions for the evaluation of online surveys or for the creation of business forecasts, you will also find programs for statistical test planning and earthquake investigation.

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Forecast Pro XE
Expert system for business forecasts
Forecast Pro is an expert system that creates forecasts and trends based on existing time series. This view into the future is made possible by a combination of expert knowledge and mathematical estimation algorithms. Forecast Pro automatically selects the optimal forecasting method based on extensive statistical diagnostic tests. Knowledge of statistics is not necessary for this. Forecasting methods used: moving averages, exponential smoothing, box-Jenkins (ARIMA), dynamic Regression, croston Model, further ...
Textkernel - AI Recruitment Software
Jobfeed - Daily labor market analyses
Jobfeed - Daily labor market analyses The Textkernel recruiting tools are ideally suited for a fully comprehensive analysis of the international labor market. The semantic search and matching software additionally simplify and accelerate the recruiting process.
Create your online-surveys and dashboards
Create your online-surveys and dashboards Mit SphinxCloud erstellen Sie Ihre Onlineumfrage: Sämtliche Fragetypen sind per Klick auswählbar, navigieren Sie Ihre Befragten durch Filterführungen, konditionellen Anzeigen oder Berechnungen durch den Fragebogen. Das Besondere an der Umfragelösung: Werten Sie die Onlineumfrage über das Dashboard-Tool optimal aus: Grafisch mit einer Vielzahl von Darstellungsmöglichkeiten, Kreuztabellen, Kommentaren, Bildern, heben Sie Kennwerte visuell hervor. Natürlich EU-DSGVO-konform.
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