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There is no definition of Big Data, as it is a very general term used for data collected en masse. This data is predominantly unstructured or only slightly structured. This data accumulates on a daily basis and has a wide variety of origins: internet, mobile phone data, traffic data, credit and customer card data, healthcare data, smart home data, etc. These large volumes of data (company data, customer data, etc.) are collected by means of special solutions (data mining), stored, processed, evaluated and are to be used beneficially. Data analysis can be used to create a better basis for corporate decisions.

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In this SoftGuide section, you will find a market overview of industry software, solutions for the Big Data analytics tools sector. The Big Data software listed here typically includes both the visual management of large data sets and the static analysis tools for evaluating, calculating and displaying predictive models for data-based business decisions or Big Data exploration. Fast Data, on the other hand, is an application of Big Data analytics methods to smaller and more manageable data sets. In this process, problems can be solved in real time or nearly in real time.

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Textkernel - AI Recruitment Software
Machine Intelligence for Matching People and Jobs
Machine Intelligence for Matching People and Jobs In particular, large amounts of data, such as those generated every day by job offers and corresponding inquiries, can be collected, evaluated and processed in a targeted and efficient manner with the Textkernels recruiting tools.
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