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Measurement technology software is used, among other things, for the simple acquisition of measurement data, which is then visualized. Metrology software also takes over the evaluation and analysis of the acquired measurement data. In addition, the test sequence and the monitoring of machines, plants and processes can be automated with metrology software.

The software for measurement technology listed here is based on the methods for measuring physical units such as mass, pressure, length, force, current, time or temperature. The field of metrology also includes the development of measuring systems and the correction of measurement deviations or the correction of undesired influences as well as the calibration / adjustment of measuring instruments. Metrology - in conjunction with control engineering and closed-loop control ("measurement control") - is the prerequisite for automation technology. In manufacturing, measurement technology is also referred to as production measurement technology. The products presented range from software tools for evaluating measurement uncertainty, to solutions for pressure surge calculation in pipelines, to systems for determining and evaluating radiators.

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AD-TEST - Know-How for Test Stands
Software for Operation and Parameterization of Test stands
Software for Operation and Parameterization of Test stands AD-TEST consists of function modules of proprietary developments for test stand facilities. Our AD-TEST solutions are based on the ADwin systems, approved and tested a thousand times in world-wide applications for fast measurement, open-loop, and closed-loop control sequences. The realization of test stand facilities is challenging and complex. The AD-TEST concept is an efficient and validated solution. Approved Solutions. Component test stands: X-by-wire-systems, motor bearings, shock absorbers ...
ADbasic - Real-Time Development Environment
Convenient Development Environment for fast Real-Time processes
Convenient Development Environment for fast Real-Time processes ADbasic is a complete development environment for programming fast control and measurement sequences - based on our worldwide known and thousandfold proven ADwin systems. With ADbasic, problems can be solved easily, with high precision and with exactly predictable timing: Fast digital control, measurement, Maintain hard real-time under Windows, Linux, Mac - with microsecond accuracy, Easy implementation, Stay flexible in the choice of hardware and software interfaces, Scalable and downward compatible, Interfaces for standard software ...
Software for dynamic, continuous and automated water monitoring
Software for dynamic, continuous and automated water monitoring ENMO hydro is a software system for the collection and operation of measuring stations in the area of water quality. The system continuously collects data and maps all workflows important for water quality monitoring. The system fulfils the certification requirements for measuring networks in accordance with DIN 17025. The functions of the software system include the management and control of the equipment at the measuring stations, data analysis options, export and display options for the data and much more.
ADlog - Data Logger
Data logging with high Sample Rate and synchronous Data Acquisition / Transient recorder
Data logging with high Sample Rate and synchronous Data Acquisition / Transient recorder ADlog reliably executes measurement tasks with an exactly predictable time reponse, the channels are acquired synchronously. Depending on your tasks intelligent, online adaptable pre-processing will be possible, e.g. filtering or transient functions. ADlog automatically and continuously measures sample rates of up to 4.8 MHz (e.g. 32 analog channels with 16 bit and 150 kHz each). ADlog displays the data in up to 8 diagram windows, which can be adjusted with zoom and monitoring of individual channels ...
Standard measurement software MSR32 for WINDOWS
Overview MSR32: Software available in english and german (Windows Resource Files), 512 channels, hardware independent, channels can be separated in up to 15 channelgroups, Internal data buffer for saving measured values, size depends on free disk space, Works mainly like a recorder, values stored in the buffer are available at program start, Formula interpreter with many special functions, 25 individual line graphic windows, linear and/or logarithm axis, up to 4 individual Y-axis, Individual adjustable Table view ...
Software for street lighting management
Software for street lighting management luxData is an innovative management information system with which you can reliably and efficiently manage, control and maintain your street lighting in cities or municipalities or the outdoor lighting of large companies or industrial estates. luxData.licht covers the four main areas of basic and catalog data, lighting network, maintenance/repair and evaluations/optimization. Whether maintaining the measured value archive for switching points and circuits, calculating power consumption and costs and many other tasks relating to the light points you manage - luxData makes your work easier.
Calculation and optimization for control, piping and process engineering
CONVAL is a calculation and optimization program for instrumentation and control, piping and process engineering. It offers an integrated environment for the calculation, visualization and optimization of technical systems. CONVAL is a powerful tool that maps process engineering requirements such as instrumentation in FEED projects just as it does in basic & detail engineering, maintenance or even plant expansion.
VBASE the flexible automation platform for industrial and building automation
The application possibilities of VBASE are almost unlimited. Wherever processes are visualized, data is collected and control commands are exchanged with remote systems, VBASE can be used efficiently, e.g. in industrial automation or in professional building system technology. VBASE is industry-neutral and draws on an extensive driver pool and communicates with all common protocols, fieldbuses and remote systems.
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