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QMSys GUM Software is a software tool for the evaluation of measurement uncertainty.

Version:  4.8

Demo version

The QMSys GUM Enterprise software is a powerful tool for evaluating measurement uncertainty. Measurement uncertainty is an important factor in determining the accuracy of measurements. Every measurement has a certain amount of uncertainty due to factors such as instrument deviations, measurement inaccuracies and measurement conditions. However, this measurement uncertainty must always be taken into account to ensure that the measurement results can ultimately be used reliably and accurately.

With the QMSys GUM Enterprise software, companies of all sizes and organizations have a practical tool at hand with which measurement uncertainties can be calculated and evaluated. This software is particularly advantageous in sectors such as healthcare, the aerospace industry, the automotive industry, environmental monitoring, energy production, the food industry or in the production of medical devices. By using QMSys GUM Enterprise, companies and organizations in these industries ensure that measurements are always carried out with high precision and that the quality of products or corresponding services is of a high standard.

Your benefits when using the QMSys GUM Enterprise software:

  • the respective measurement uncertainty can be determined quickly and reliably
  • the sources of the respective measurement uncertainty are known
  • enables a better understanding of the entire measurement process
  • provides starting points for optimizing the measurement process
  • provides information that can be used to minimize measurement uncertainties
  • is suitable for linear and non-linear models
  • supports symmetrical and asymmetrical distributions of the respective output variables
  • offers an unlimited number of input and output variables
  • reliably calculates the combined standard measurement uncertainties, expanded measurement uncertainties and coverage intervals according to the GUF method and Monte Carlo method
  • probability distributions such as normal, lognormal, rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal and more are already implemented
  • offers both direct and indirect methods for observation
  • each user can freely define their own measurement methods
  • enables the import of various observations, histograms and statistical evaluations
  • calculates the correlation coefficient
  • automatically calculates the coverage factor for various probability distributions
  • all templates can be individually created and adapted
  • and much more

Versions of the QMSys software for the evaluation of measurement uncertainty

  • GUM Enterprise is the ultimate software for precise and accurate measurement uncertainty analysis for all types of measurements. It uses the two most powerful methods for calculating measurement uncertainty - the uncertainty propagation (GUM Uncertainty Framework, GUF) and the Monte Carlo method.
  • GUM Professional offers evaluation of measurement uncertainty for linear and non-linear models according to the GUM Uncertainty Framework and validation of the results using the Monte Carlo method
  • GUM Standard offers the classic calculation of measurement uncertainty for linear and linearizable models of the measurement process according to the GUM Uncertainty Framework.

Target groups:

  • Test laboratories
  • Calibration laboratories
  • Production laboratories
  • Colleges and universitiesIndustries
  • Pharmacy
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Calibration services
  • Environmental analysis
  • Automotive
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering ...


Calibration laboratories, testing laboratories:

  • DKD - MeßTechnikNord GmbH - Germany
  • DKD - Decom Prüflabor GmbH - Germany
  • DKD - Engineering office Gerhard Meißner - Germany
  • DKD - MK - Kalibrierlabor GmbH - Germany
  • DKD - MKE-Bremen GmbH - Germany
  • DKD - RECKMANN GmbH - Germany
  • DKD - SFP Prüfmittelüberwachung - Germany
  • FAKT GmbH - Kraftfahrtechnisches Prüf- und Ingenieurzentrum - Germany
  • Exova METECH GmbH - Germany
  • Exova Metech at Volvo Aero - Sweden
  • SAAB AB - Sweden
  • CSL Behring AG - Switzerland
  • Carl Zeiss Quality Services Srl - Italy
  • Metlab Srl - Italy
  • Piccadilly Precision Engineering Co. - Great Britain
  • General Dynamics, Santa Bárbara sistemas - Spain
  • ExCal s.r.o. - Slovakia
  • Sistemska Tehnika d.o.o. - Slovenia
  • Fox Valley Metrology, Inc - USA
  • Advent Tool & Mfg., Inc - USA
  • Air-Ins Inc - Canada
  • Graphica Gauges & Tools - India
  • Unik Gauges & Tools - India
  • Sizemasters Gauges & Tools - India
  • Accurate Auto Lathes Pvt. Ltd. - India
  • F.V. - AREA ANDINA S.A - Ecuador
  • Saybolt Core Laboratories - Bulgaria
  • ZIIU Standart AG - Bulgaria
  • Sparky-Eltos AG - Bulgaria
  • Elacite-Med AG - Bulgaria
  • Monbat AG - Bulgaria

Universities, colleges, research institutes:

  • The Standards Institution of Israel - Israel
  • Turkish Standards Institution, Calibration Center - Turkey
  • Chair of QFM, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg - Germany
  • University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen - Germany
  • Franz Jörgens Vocational College - Germany
  • Riga Technical University - Latvia
  • AIB-Vincotte Hungary Kft - Hungary
  • Sofia Technical University - Bulgaria
  • Gabrovo Technical University - Bulgaria
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Functions (excerpt) of QMSys GUM:

Report management
Error tolerance
Measurement data acquisition
Measured value display
Physical calculations


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