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In this SoftGuide section you will find software and solutions for pipeline planning, pipeline calculation and pipeline construction. Pipeline planning and construction concerns utilities and municipalities as well as plant engineers and the chemical industry. The software for pipeline construction usually includes planning options for both production-oriented pipeline construction and assembly-oriented pipeline construction. Often, planning of 2D and 3D piping systems is possible.

The software for pipeline design listed here is suitable for plant engineering, mechanical engineering, apparatus and tank construction as well as for planning and design of pipelines for biogas plants, beverage degassing plants or refrigeration plants. Frequently, the software for pipeline calculation also offers calculation options for plastic pipes and for pipelines that are to be laid in the ground or under water, or for applied loads or friction.

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Pipeline technology, pipeline calculation, optimization and planning
CONVAL® is THE solution for planning, designing, calculating and optimizing plant components and processes in the process industry. The manufacturer-independent calculation and optimization of control valves, actuators, steam conversion stations, differential pressure sensors, perforated discs, pressure losses, pressure surges, piping, heat exchangers, safety valves, material data, etc. is one of the highlights of CONVAL®.
Flownex® SE
1D-CFD: Flownex determines pressure losses, mass flows and heat transfers
1D-CFD: Flownex determines pressure losses, mass flows and heat transfers The 1D CFD software Flownex® SE ensures efficient and fast design and simulation of complex pipework networks and pipelines for a wide range of industrial applications. These applications include cooling circuits, process engineering systems, hydraulic systems, aeration and ventilation systems, fire protection systems and oil and gas pipelines.
PlantEngineer: P&ID software for plant design and construction
P&ID software for engineering and documentation of process plants
P&ID software for engineering and documentation of process plants PlantEngineer is based on Microsoft Visio©. This means it off ers many advantages – for example, minimal need for training, simple data exchange using Microsoft Excel©, commissioning documentation in Microsoft Word©, multi-linguality, as well as simple integration into an existing IT infrastructure ...
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