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AD-TEST - Know-How for Test Stands

Software for Operation and Parameterization of Test stands
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AD-TEST consists of function modules of proprietary developments for test stand facilities. Our AD-TEST solutions are based on the ADwin systems, approved and tested a thousand times in world-wide applications for fast measurement, open-loop, and closed-loop control sequences.

The realization of test stand facilities is challenging and complex. The AD-TEST concept is an efficient and validated solution.

Approved Solutions

  • Component test stands:
    X-by-wire-systems, motor bearings, shock absorbers, clutch disks, gearboxes, electronic control units, hydraulic valves, springs, relais, sensors, actuators, potentiometers, semi-conductors, electric motors
  • Engine test stands:
    angular-based measurement and open-loop control, analysis of combustion motors, optimization of fuel injection, combustion process and power train
  • Vibration test stands:
    shock-free switchable force displacement control, amplitude / phase evaluation, single and multi-axes vibration test stands, force displacement simulation, determination of dynamic characteristics
  • Production test stands:
    100% tests, end-of-line-tests, contact interruption
  • Rapid prototyping with LIN-Bus
  • Development test stands: Sensor in the Loop, Hardware in the Loop

Features of AD-TEST

  • Products and function modules of 20 years of experience in the field of measurement and test stand techniques, e.g. ADwin, ADbasic, ADlog, drivers, data bases.
  • Downward compatibility to all data of earlier program versions
  • Duplication of the test stand - even after years
  • Release of the source code
  • Interfaces to hardware and software of OEM manufacturers
Target groups:

Production and Development in the manufacturing industry, quality control.

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